Harvest Baptist Church On Guam
(indifferent toward truth, ecumenical, a disgrace to the cause of Jesus Christ)

by David J. Stewart | June 2018

Titus 1:10-11, “For there are many unruly and vain talkers and deceivers, specially they of the circumcision: Whose mouths must be stopped, who subvert whole houses, teaching things which they ought not, for filthy lucre's sake.”

       I wouldn't give you a dime for the kind of phony Christianity that exists at Harvest Baptist Church on Guam. I had attended the church for one year between 2013 and 2015, but was forced out for telling THE TRUTH. I told the the truth that the modern Bible versions, which are based upon the Alexandrian Greek manuscripts (the same as what the Jehovah's Witnesses use) are corrupt.

I was also forced out for telling THE TRUTH that Lordship Salvation is a lie of the Devil. Harvest Baptist Church (HBC) promotes false prophet Dr. John MacArthur, who is a reprobate (not saved) who brags of being a 5-point Calvinist. May I say, confidently, that Calvinism is NOT the Gospel!!! That makes HBC a cult! Yes, Harvest Baptist Church is a religious cult, no better than the satanic Seventh-day Adventists down the street from them. You've got a bunch of spoiled yuppie brats, all graduates of Bob Jones University, working at Harvest, who ought not be working in any ministry, lest they corrupt it.

Our text verse says that they who teach circumcision (i.e., adding works to the Gospel) need to be exposed. Harvest promotes false teachers' Paul Washer, Ray Comfort and John MacArthur, who all teach wrong repentance and Lordship Salvation. That makes HBC a dangerous religious cult!!!

Birds With a Broken Feather Fly Crooked Together

And may I say, kindly, the senior pastor of the Harvest Baptist Church on Guam needs to get saved, because he has foolishly bought into a satanic a false Gospel of partial faith in Christ plus works. I have no hesitation to expose false prophets! I won't mention his name, to be kind, but I personally heard him say from his own pulpit (and he should be fired): “It is not enough to just admit you are a sinner, you must turn away from a lifestyle of sin!” Ladies and gentleman, that man is NOT SAVED!!! And he is pastoring a large church that is considered a gateway to Asia. Oh my God! Is it any wonder that in his office, he has the complete set of Dr. John MacArthur's perverted Bible commentaries? I think not. Mr. MacArthur is a religious bastard, not a genuine saved Christian, a bigtime false prophet, who is so corrupt that he says there is no such thing as a childhood conversation. My God in Heaven, why would any pastor follow such an ungodly man? The reason why is because Mr. MacArthur says many great things in his teachings. MacArthur is a fantastic public speaker, he has a suave personality, he is very likable (just like Satan himself, who is a beautiful liar!).

My friend, if you truly understand just how evil these modern Bible versions are, then you would be upset too, if you love God and truth at all. Bob Jones University supports Satan's Bibles. The shocking and horrifying truth is that these modern perversions, in many cases, AREN'T BASED UPON ANY MANUSCRIPT; they are the mere paraphrases of wicked men, who only changed the Word of God to satisfy a legal copyright requirement by the U.S. government. You see, in order to copyright your new bastard Bible version, it must contain substantially different content than other existing Bible versions.

And to no surprise, kindly, Harvest Baptist Church (HBC) uses the Easy-To-Read Version (ERV), which perverts Mark 1:15 to errantly say that to be saved, you must change your life! HBC kicked me out of their church in 2014, when they wrongly called Dr. Jack Hyles and me “a cult” for exposing the Devil's counterfeit Alexandrian Bible versions. BOB JONES UNIVERSITY IS THE CULT! Yes they are! HBC IS THE CULT! I was a friend to them. As Dr. Tom Ferrell rightly said (ironically he said that at Harvest Baptist Church on Guam), “A friend helps a friend to see.” Well, when I tried to help them see, I was reprimanded and bullied out of the only church family I had known for a year in 2014. The pastors couldn't have cared less. I told them THE TRUTH! But while God wants us to SPEAK UP, the Devil wants us to SHUT UP! Those pastors at HBC are helping the Devil.

“You say, 'You shouldn't talk trash about other churches!' Well, if they'd stop being trash, I'd stop talking trash!” (a truthful quote by Pastor Steven L. Anderson, from the classic sermon titled, “Queer Sounding Music And Skinny Jeans” - Time 1:07:50)

Those snobby pastors at Harvest will likely lie and make up their own dungheap story, but I have e-mails proving that they coldheartedly refused to allow me to even attend their church or men's prayer meeting on Saturday, even after I offered to do whatever it took to make things right with them. You see, they offer a fake forgiveness that doesn't include mercy. That tells me they don't walk with God, because they lack God's unconditional love, true forgiveness and compassion. You'd think at a minimum they would have done something to help a voice crying out for help. I did humbly ask for their help, because I need a church family. They just don't care, plain and simple, or perhaps they are shameful cowards (or both), but either way, they ought not be pastors.

No one who selectively cares about people should be entrusted with the honor and title of being a pastor. I humbly asked for their help at Harvest Baptist Church on Guam, but was told to go away. All I did was share books and sermons to help others, with no ill intention, God knows my heart. That was my big fault... CARING ABOUT TRUTH!!! I didn't do anything behind the pastor's back. I gave him books too. When I gave the senior pastor Dr. Al Lacy's awesome book, NIV: The Antichrist's Bible, that was the last straw and they axed me like John the Baptist! The associate pastor, a shameful Bob Jones Graduate, literally quoted the Scripture about Paul not wanting to have anything to do with John Mark, and they used that against me. What ungodly and shameful men!!! The truth is that IF YOU TELL THE TRUTH, in today's apostate and crappy churches, you will be thrown out as an evildoer!!! Outside The Gate With Jesus (MP3 sermon by Dr. Jack Hyles, “Jesus has been outside the camp all the time!”)

I have numerous e-mails from their church pastor, telling me that I am not welcome at Harvest Baptist Church anymore. Romans 14:10, “But why dost thou judge thy brother? or why dost thou set at nought thy brother? for we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ.” In the many years to follow being kicked out of Harvest, I was very lonely and without a church family. No one cared about me to stay in contact with me. Harvest abandoned me quickly. I humbly requested permission simply to attend their church services, promising that I would keep quiet, because I desperately need fellowship with a church. This is even after they horribly called me “a cult” for telling the truth. If they can kick truth-tellers out, then I have every right to expose them for telling bold-faced lies! I still have love in my heart for the folks at Harvest, and I miss them. They have a high turnover rate at HBC, so many of the acquaintances I made while there are no doubt gone. They were never friends toward me, but I was a friend toward them. They need much better pastors, that's for certain. But if they just want to run a religious business, which is what they are presently doing, then they already have what they want; but it's a lukewarm church at best, that recently honored lame, Mormon-praising, Ravi Zacharias in June of 2017.

I realize that some people think to be ethical, we should ignore the activity of what others are doing in the churches. I think that is an irresponsible attitude amongst believers. To say nothing about evil which has crept into the churches is akin to hobnobbing with the enemy during a war. Could you imagine being a soldier in World War II, fighting as an American against the invading communists from the north to defend Korea? And while fighting one of your peer soldiers is going around selling BB guns, convincing many soldiers to trade in their powerful M16 rifle for a child's play BB gun instead? What do you think those fighting soldiers would do? I'll tell you, they'd keep using their M16's to fight the enemy, because they know that a BB guns is worthless on the battlefield. Likewise, these modern paraphrases are so watered-down, doctrinally deficient, corrupt and horribly wrong on salvation. Someone needs to care and expose all this evil. God is recruiting! Will you join the battle my friend, as a soldier for Jesus Christ (2nd Timothy 2:3-4).

Bob Jones' Ingrates, Bible Corrupters, Calvinists; They Must Be Exposed!

I am the best friend Bob Jones University and their graduates have, but they consider me their enemy. Some local Baptist pastors (the Bob Jones camp) call me and Dr. Hyles “a cult,” and just recently, they called me their “enemy.” Galatians 4:16, “Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?” I love them and pray for them daily, for God to break their hearts and make them care. If there is one word that I would choose to describe my ministry, it would be “TRUTH.” And if I were to choose one word to describe myself, it would be “CARING.” I like those words. I know that I can be an intense person sometimes, but that is who God made me. I am a passionate and caring person, and one day I hope to find a passionate and caring wife, if that is the Lord's will for me. One day at a time!

Bob Jones University (BJU) is doing major damage to the cause of Christ. The Holy Bible foretold that Satan would DECEIVE THE WHOLE WORLD (Revelation 12:9). One of the best films I've seen, which does  a great job exposing the corrupt modern Bible revisions, is titled, “NEW WORLD ORDER BIBLE VERSIONS” (1:46 hours). All of the modern Bible revisions have been translated using the Alexandrian texts popularized by occultists' Brooke Westcott and Fenton Hort in 1881. These were two unsaved Anglican ministers who denied the deity of Jesus Christ. Some modern revisions falsely claim to be based upon the Textus Receptus, while including notes from the Alexandrian texts. Satan is relentlessly doing everything in his power to corrupt God's inspired Word. And BJU and their graduates are pulling on the same rope as the Devil, by using and promoting, even selling, the Alexandrian Bibles.

One of the most deadly corruptions in the Alexandrian-based translations is the errant redefining of what it means to “repent.” Biblical repentance for salvation is simply “a change of mind”—a change of mind from wrong thoughts to believing the Gospel. Evangelist Ray Comfort's entire satanic theology, aka, Lordship Salvation, is exactly in line with the corrupt Alexandrian texts. Birds of a feather flock together! Churches worldwide are being corrupted from the Alexandrian manuscripts, upon which the modern Bible versions are based. The modern Bible versions attack the deity of Jesus Christ!!! The average pastor nowadays is far more concerned about protecting incoming revenues, than he is about protecting and upholding the truth (1st Timothy 6:10).

Not surprisingly, there's a big independent Baptist church down the street from me, that I will speak of in this article, who use and promote the corrupt Alexandrian Bible revisions, and honored Ray Comfort several years ago by inviting him to speak at their church. And the church woefully distributes John MacArthur's study materials!!! As I rightly said... Birds of a feather flock together! Using corrupt Bible versions, leads to corrupt theology, and corrupt affiliations with false prophets!!! By supporting the Alexandrian Bible PERversions, Bob Jones University and their graduates are supporting the falsehoods of: manmade repentance (aka, Lordship Salvation), attacking the deity of Jesus and various other detrimental heresies!!! Look what the Alexandrian Bible versions do to corrupt Acts 8:37!!!

For exposing this type of ungodly heresy, I am set at nought by professed Christian brethren, told three times via e-mail by the same local Baptist pastors (the Bob Jones camp) recently, that I am not welcome to even attend the services at their church. I promised them that I wouldn't be a root of bitterness at their church if they'd have me. I just wanted to be around other believers. They still set me at nought, turning me away! I asked if I could please come to the men's prayer meeting and pray with them, but their pastors said, No! My friends, that is ungodly wickedness of the worst sort! Romans 14:10, “But why dost thou judge thy brother? or why dost thou set at nought thy brother? for we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ.” Once a man has been subverted of himself doctrinally, he is well nigh hopeless, as are these shameful pastors who embrace Satan's New World Order Bible versions, who promote the Lordship Salvation heresy of John MacArthur and Ray Comfort, who serve mammon and not God. Woe unto the pastors!!!

Job 13:7, “Will ye speak wickedly for God? and talk deceitfully for him?”

Outside The Gate With Jesus (exposing Harvest Baptist Counterfeit Church)

How Bob Jones University Betrays The Holy Bible! (they have turned scholarship into a God)

“The mark of the child of God is that he loves everybody!”
(a quote from Pastor Jack Hyles' classic MP3 sermon, “FORGIVENESS”)

 “truth passes through three stages” ...

First, it is ridiculed, second, it is violently opposed, third, it is  accepted as self-evident."
Arthur Schopenhauer, German Philosopher (1788-1860)

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