The Rotten Cult At Pensacola Christian College

by David J. Stewart | November 2023

Galatians 5:13, “For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another.”

       I wish the folks at Pensacola Christian College (PCC) would get right with God, to care enough to obey this Bible verse from Galatians 5:13. They only serve their bellies! PCC treats people like garbage! But please don't take my word for it. PCC senior student, Noah Shaw, just posted this very negative review on Google about PCC just this past month (the typos are his, like he meant "since" instead of "sense")...

This year at teen extreme, I was called a racial slur twice in a row by the same kid. I proceeded to tell the counselors about what happened and they stated they do not tolerate racism at the camp, but apparently they do sense the kid was not punished and was able to stay. Me and the other camper ended up getting into and altercation over the slur and Taylor Allen who is the camps director had the security guard call the police on me over a petty wrestling match.

Again, the kid was able to stay but I wasn’t. Just goes to show you that the staff at PCC are fake. I’m glad this was my last year. The previous years were a lot better. I am still traumatized to this day about what happened and I feel as though the camp only cares about the money and controlling people with their beliefs rather than uplifting others and showing proper care regardless of what they look like and I’m sure I’m not the only one who has these thoughts about PCC.

I was able to get into contact with the pastor at the camp about what happened when I returned home and it turns out, that he wasn’t even told about the event that took place. It really disturbs me how the staff kept the situation to themselves and did not notify the pastor about what had happened because he said that Taylor should’ve came to him first before going straight to the police over something that could’ve been easily resolved. I hope I can heal from the wounds I was left with and encourage others to stay away from this cult.

SOURCE: Google reviews, Pensacola Christian College

At PCC the cult system always comes first, but individual people do not matter. Only a religious CULT selectively cares about people! Great job PCC—please keep on hurting people to help make my job easier of warning everybody what a$$holes you people really are! Pardon my use of what my grandma used to call, “silly words,” but I cannot think of a more fitting word than that, to describe the authoritarian cult at PCC. Dear reader, when you are as good a Christian as you want to be, you're as good a Christian as you're going to get! That is their whole problem at PCC—they are stuck in their carnal comfort zone, and that as where they want to stay.

I literally begged Pastor Jeff Redlin in 2022 to please allow me to attend Campus Church. Proving the hateful bigoted cult that they are at PCC, I was thrown under the bus and told in writing as of August 2, 2022 that I am not permitted to come back to Campus Church. Only a wicked CULT selectively cares about people and bans certain people from going to church. It is wickedness!!! I have since learned more information about PCC and their ungodly Campus Church, that they are preaching another gospel of the Devil's Lordship Salvation. God does not want me to return to the PCC cult!

This following information is disturbing. Samantha field is an alumni of PCC, who shares her traumatizing true story about how she was violated by a male student on PCC's campus. Like Samantha, I know how it feels to be thrown under the bus and abused by PCC leaders. All I wanted was to come back to church, which I had attended for several months in 2021 when I moved to Pensacola. Like Samantha, Noah was ignored and blamed instead when he was the victim.

I wouldn't give you a dime for the rotten superficial type of shameful Christianity that they propagate in the PCC camp. At PCC the system always comes first, but individual people do not matter. People just want to be loved, a concept that Jeff Redlin and company still haven't learned. If PCC contacted me today to make peace, I would gladly lay down my keyboard and mouse and stop exposing them. Sadly, PCC's shameful pastors don't care. They have several thousand supporters and tens of millions of dollars, so they don't care about the 1% of hurting people like me and Samantha Field who need their love, understanding, help, patience and compassion. But instead we have been mistreated, shunned and abused by an authoritarian cult at Pensacola Christian College. They are a bunch of academic types at PCC, not church builders, so they have no compassion for people.

Abuse has become the norm in today's religious institutions, because of the carnal attitude of college leaders toward people. Where is the love? Why cares? I am so disgusted with PCC and their hateful Campus Church pastors. If you ban people from going to church and refuse to talk with them when they are pleading to reconcile, don't be surprised when those hurting victims turn to social media to expose them as a cult. PCC deserves all the negative publicity they receive. I am just getting started preaching against PCC, until they humble themselves like I did, so that we can talk and make peace. I know I'll never hear from them, which just proves everything I am saying about them. People everywhere are sick and tired of the abuse in today's churches and Bible colleges toward hurting and divorced people.

PCC is a disgrace to the name of Jesus Christ. They refuse to take a stand against the cult at Bob Jones University (BJU). PCC just wants to make more money, but they couldn't care less about exposing false prophets, contending for the Christian faith, exposing the Devil's deadly Bible revisions or loving needy sinners as Christ did. My only crime was telling the truth, for which PCC's leaders and pastors hate my living guts, evidenced by their refusal to permit me to attend their Campus Church. I will never shut up!!! The way that you treat people matters. Jeff Redlin is a devil, a respecter of persons, a yuppie type opportunist who only cares about the people who pay his ungodly 6-digit salary. I pray for God to deal with PCC's arrogant leaders, who bring shame to the name of Jesus. SHAME on PCC!!!

Sex Abuse At Pensacola Christian College


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