Discerning Johnny Nixon's 'Born That Way' Ministry

by David J. Stewart | February 2017

Proverbs 29:27, “An unjust man is an abomination to the just: and he that is upright in the way is abomination to the wicked.”

       Dr. David Johnny Nixon is the pastor of the First Love Baptist Church in Georgia. Pastor Nixon travels around the United States promoting his book and ministry of the same title, “Born That Way After All.” A “thesis” is defined as “an unproven statement put forward as a premise in an argument.” Hence, Dr. Nixon's teachings are a thesis. You, the reader, must decide if what Johnny Nixon is teaching is Biblical or not.

I really want to understand what Pastor David “Johnny” Nixon is teaching. I don't just want to criticize his ministry without a firm understanding of the basis for his teachings. That is not what my ministry is about. God has entrusted me with a ministry to preach THE TRUTH. I make my decisions based on what I believe is right, according to the Scriptures, and not upon what is convenient or popular, nor because of loyalty toward men or institutions. Money is not an issue, I make nothing. My preaching is none of my business, God tells me what to preach. At first glance, anyone can see that something appears very wrong with the name of Nixon's book and ministry... “BORN THAT WAY AFTER ALL.”

Let's look deeper into David Nixon's teachings, and see if we can Biblically discern the spirit of his work. To write this article, I have listened twice to parts A and B of Dr. Nixon's sermon titled, “Why We Are Losing The Same Sex Marriage Debate,” preached on September 23, 2014 at the Beth Haven Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I have also listened twice to the Question/Answer session that followed (by Dr. Nixon, Dr. Davis and Dr. Carter). I recommend that you listen to all three MP3's, to help you understand Pastor Nixon's passion in this matter. I do believe that David “Johnny” Nixon is a sincere man, a Christian, with a passion to reach others for Jesus Christ. The big question is whether or not what he is espousing is Biblical.

Some of the worst ideas in history have been done with the best of intentions. I believe Dr. Nixon his peers are sincere. Pastor Nixon likens many churches today, to a woman driving a car, who panics when a squirrel (tree rat) crosses the road, and she flips the car over to avoid it. Dr. Nixon says this is the same way that many churches today overreact to sexual perversion. An extreme case of this is seen in the Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas, publickly displaying signs that read, “God hates fags.” I certainly disagree with Pastor Fred Phelps' cruel methods. Yet, Pastor Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church come much closer to being right, than the average cowardly pastor today who STANDS AGAINST NOTHING!!! Dr. Bob Jones Sr. had the right idea, when he taught that our problem today is tolerance, not intolerance. Our churches today tolerate all manner of wickedness. What David Nixon is attempting to do is pacify homosexuals to win them to Christ. But in reality, all he's doing is going soft on sin. Hard preaching is Biblical!!!

Please Don't Buy into This Garbage Theology

One of the big problems that I have with what David Nixon's is teaching, is that you have to (essentially) buy his book to remedy the problem. Think about that! Dr. Nixon teaches that many eunuchs have been “pushed” into the LGBT lifestyle, pushed by Christians and churches who failed to understand Matthew 19:12. Nixon's “BORN THAT WAY AFTER ALL” thesis suggests that nearly everyone who is living the homosexual deathstyle, is doing so because no one ever told them, that God created them as natural eunuchs. The U.S. government recently determined that 2.7% of Americans are homosexual. That's 8,640,000 homosexuals!!!

According to Dr. Nixon's ridiculous thesis, over 8,500,000 of these people were created by God as eunuchs, intended never to have sex. And he says, it is largely our fault as Christians for not reaching out to these people, with “the truth” that God creates some people to be “eunuchs.” Some? There are over 8,500,000 sodomites in America alone!!! Are the churches really to blame for not reaching out to gays? Are the churches “afraid” of homosexuality? Have we developed “anger issues” instead of a “spirit of love,” because we “don't understand” the same-sex issue? This is what Johnny Nixon is espousing.

A big issue that David (or “Johnny,” his middle name) Nixon doesn't address is same-sex marriage. We're they born to be eunuchs? No, they are perverts living in rebellion against God. For a proper perspective on this issue, we must focus on the Scriptures. God wrote Romans chapter one to teach us THE TRUTH. David Nixon admits that homosexuality is an abomination, but his stance is that the churches have driven away people struggling with sexual identity, by their disparaging comments and hatred for sin, instead of expressing God's love with the understanding that God has created some people as eunuchs. Although I agree for the need to love sinners in order to reach them for Jesus Christ, at the same time I strongly disagree with the unbiblical idea that we're supposed to pacify sodomites to win them. The Word of God plainly states the truth on the matter:

Proverbs 29:27, “An unjust man is an abomination to the just: and he that is upright in the way is abomination to the wicked.”

The idea of homosexuals being “eunuchs” is not original to Dr. Nixon. The concept has been around for a long time (and the gay community is very familiar with the teachings).

In the questions and answers MP3, Dr. Nixon says he sincerely believes that 99% of the people involved in same-sex relationships were created by God as natural eunuchs. He admits that a very small percentage are sexual deviates, which Dr. Nixon says is the consequence of a “progression.”

Dr. Nixon (see sermon B) says that they minister to eunuchs, not homosexuals. All sin is pleasurable. Dr. Nixon says that “BORN THAT WAY” ministry reaches out to people who are still in the experimental stage, and have not been overtaken by a full-blown homosexual lifestyle. This contradicts Nixon's own claim (see sermon B) that he believes 99% of all same-sex persons were created by God to be eunuchs. Nixon's book and ministry are reaching out to all gays by making such claims. This is another big issue that I have with David Nixon's thesis, that is, he fails to differentiate between eunuchs and homosexuals.

Homosexuality is Linked to Pedophilia

In sermon B (and I have saved the MP3's in case they disappear), Dr. Nixon says that pedophilia is an isolated sin that is totally separate from homosexuality. That is not true in my opinion, and I'll evidence why:

  1. Look at the pedophile-saturated Roman Catholic church. Literally, over 50,000 cases of priest's committing pedophilia in the Catholic church have been documented over the past half-century. What the liberal mainstream media fails to tell everyone is that 50% of all men in the Catholic priesthood are homosexuals. Clearly, there is a strong link between homosexuality and pedophilia.
  2. Go read online about pedophile-promoting NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association). It is an ungodly organization ran by adult homosexuals, seeking sexual relationships with underaged youth. That's the entire purpose of their despicable group!
  3. A pervasive theme in all homosexual literature is pedophilia (sex with children). Don't you dare tell me that homosexuals aren't a pedophile threat to children!!! ANYBODY is capable of committing ANY SIN under the right circumstances. That's the truth!
  4. The Luciferian music industry and Hollywood are saturated with pedophilia. Don't believe it? Here's one of hundreds of examples I could show you (that I am aware of). Check out what Taylor Swift is into! (This article I wrote explains how satanists are promoting every form of sexual depravity today to corrupt our youth.)

Anybody can become a real monster without Jesus Christ. And even amongst believers, if a person backslides into sin and gets out of close fellowship with the Lord, they are capable of committing the same horrible sins as before they were saved. Just because you get saved doesn't insulate you from committing the worst of sins. It just means that you've got the Holy Spirit of God indwelling you, Who convicts every believer about sin, and chastises the disobedient believer.

There is no debate that some people choose to remain single to serve God. Others are physically injured (such as in war) and cannot enjoy a normal marital relationship. And then there are others who are born without the capacity to have normal sexual relations. But the big controversy is over whether some people are “BORN THAT WAY!” This term is loaded with negative implications. Dr. Nixon correctly teaches that God creates all humans as either male or female. But he goes further to teach that God creates some people “special,” really different “after all.” This is disturbing, because being born a eunuch and being a homosexual are two very different things. They really are!

Dr. Nixon assumes that God creates “eunuchs” (people with healthy working genitals) who have no sexual attraction for the opposite sex. However, I believe that “eunuchs” in Matthew 19:12 refers to the physical inability to marry. To say that some people, who are perfectly healthy and able to have sex, but lack desire for the opposite sex, were made “THAT WAY” by God from birth, is an unscriptural teaching. If God created them to be a “eunuch,” then why do they have healthy genitals from birth? Does God make mistakes? Also, I haven't heard David Nixon address female eunuchs. What about women born “THAT WAY”? Were lesbians also created “special,” different “after all.”

I am 100% against the unbiblical teaching that God creates some people with healthy working genitals, but a lack of desire for the opposite sex. That makes no sense at all. To be fair in the matter, if you haven't heard them yet, I recommend that you listen to these MP3 sermons, and then the questions/answer session with Dr. Nixon, Dr. Davis and Dr. Carter. You need to know about this issue, and what these fundamentalist preachers are teaching, so you can make an informed decision. I am trying to give them the benefit of the doubt, and understand their position, but thus far I cannot accept what Dr. Nixon is propagating in the churches. What are we promoting today to our youth in the churches?

Dr. David Nixon grasps for straws to prove his thesis, claiming that Elijah and Elisha were eunuchs. He says that the apostle Paul may have been a natural eunuch. Folks, when you have a hammer in your hand, everything starts to look like a nail. Nixon even claims that John Wesley was a eunuch! Dr. Nixon quotes from Wesley's personal letters, indicating that he had a passion for his ministry more than his own wife and family. That is not a eunuch! That is a man caught up in a cause.

From listening to Dr. Nixon's sermons, I can tell that he is very sincere and has a heart of compassion for the homosexual community today. Bashing of homosexuals is discouraged, with which I definitely agree.

New Study On Homosexual Parenting Proves Children Are “Different” And They Are “Harmed”

Professor Rightly Says 'No Basis in Scripture' That God Creates Homosexual Eunuchs

Dr. Joseph R. Nally correctly states:

Isaiah and Homosexuals? - Isaiah 56:3

Question: Doesn't Isaiah 56:3 say that homosexuals will be brought into the kingdom of God?

Answer: Isaiah 56:3 Let no foreigner who has bound himself to the Lord say, "The Lord will surely exclude me from his people." And let not any eunuch complain, "I am only a dry tree."

This verse does not speak of homosexuals, but of eunuchs. Eunuchs were normally excluded from the covenant community (Deut. 23:1). Being excluded from the covenant community means no covenant blessing. The Ethiopian eunuch (Acts 8:26-39) fulfilled this Isaiah 56:3 promise through faith in Jesus alone. He became an heir of the covenant blessings (Gal. 3:29).

Some argue that eunuchs are another class of relationship; that God made heterosexual relationships (male and female) and homosexual ones (eunuchs, or male/male and female/female). However, this argument has no basis in Scripture.

In Matthew 19:12 Christ mentions three types of eunuchs: (1) those who are eunuchs from birth, or that is, they were incapable of sex (i.e., physical deformity, etc.), (2) those who were physically castrated - these commonly served in guarding harems (Esther 2:3, 14-15; 6:2), and (3) those who choose to be eunuchs "for the Kingdom of God." In this text there is not even a hint that eunuchs have a homosexual orientation or are interested in gay marriage, etc. This verse clearly teaches that eunuchs were not involved in marriage and sexual activity. Therefore, this would negate homosexuality as a viable option in one's interpretation. The Bible condemns the practice of homosexuality (e.g. Lev. 18:22; Rom. 1:26). See "Related Comments" below.

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SOURCE: http://reformedanswers.org/answer.asp/file/40690

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