The Devil's Music

“It is better to hear the rebuke of the wise, than for a man to hear the song of fools.” —Ecclesiastes 7:5

Ozzy Osbourne, who wrote a tribute song in 1980 honoring the Satanist Aleister Crowley. The song was titled, "Mr. Crowley."

Pictured to the left is heavy-metal rocker and Satanist, Ozzy Osbourne! Ozzy is infamous for biting the head off a live bat in concert, abusing himself with recreational drugs and worshipping the Devil as lead frontman for the dark band BLACK SABBATH.

Here's a section of the lyrics from Ozzy's hit song, “Suicide Solution”...

Breaking laws, Knocking doors But there's no one at home Made your bed, Rest your head But you lie there and moan Where to hide, Suicide is the only way out Don't you know what it's really about

Although Ozzy claims that he never intended for his music to cause anyone to commit suicide, the statistics are FACTS. In October 1984, a nineteen-year-old teenager named John M. shot himself in the head while listening to Ozzy Osbourne's “Suicide Solution.” When the coroner entered the room, he found the headphones still on John's head.1 Dozens of parents have sued Ozzy Osbourne over the suicide of their children from listening to this song. In his own words, Ozzy states:

“I've now been sued by about 25 people who claim their kids committed suicide from listening to my music.”

—Ozzy Osbourne (Source -interview, Ozzy Meets Marilyn Manson, 1997)

Sony Music Entertainment sponsors the official Ozzy Osbourne website at, where one of the Bloggers calls parents who have tried to sue Osbourne “idiots,” citing no proof that Ozzy's music influenced those victims to commit suicide.

The TRUTH is that a certain percentage of listeners who are emotionally disturbed, spiritually weak or just plain having a hard time in life (primarily teenagers) are highly susceptible to the suggestive suicidal lyrics of Ozzy's music.

The Bible teaches that Jesus left the 99 sheep safe in the fold to go find that 1 lost sheep who went astray...

Matthew 18:12, “How think ye? if a man have an hundred sheep, and one of them be gone astray, doth he not leave the ninety and nine, and goeth into the mountains, and seeketh that which is gone astray?”

This is totally contrary to the thinking of the sinful world. The world ignores that small percentage of society's victims of drunk drivers, failing students, suicide, homeless, imprisoned and afflicted because of the consequences of sin and evil.

  • A bad teacher justifies their incompetence by using the passing 95% of the students to validate the failing 5%.
  • The Godless booze cartel justifies their evil business by using the responsible 95% to validate the dying 5%.
  • Ozzy Osbourne justifies his suicide inducing music by using the 99% to justify the 1% of listeners who kill themselves.

I could go on-and-on with examples of how society uses the majority consensus to justify the casualties of society. This is the way of the wicked world who are cold, greedy, selfish and uncaring, not accepting responsibility for the consequences of their actions that hurt others.

Ah, but as born-again Christians we think the exact opposite of the sinful world, that is, we care about the INDIVIDUAL. We focus on that one person. God saves people as individuals, not groups. The Bible says that God sought for A MAN (an individual)...

Ezekiel 22:30, “And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none.”

The Devil's crowd doesn't care about you! They only care about pleasing the majority. The world appeals to the masses of society; whereas God in His holy Word (the Bible) speaks to the individual. As a Christian I CARE about you as an individual for whom Christ died, was buried and has risen!!!

God cares about that individual homeless person that everyone passes by, walking and driving to their homes, having no concern for that one poor person on the street. I care about that one victim of liquid Devil. I care about that one victim of Sin City! I care about that one aborted child. I care about that individual person in prison. God cares about each and every individual. Romans 14:12, “So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God.”

The Demonic Led Zeppelin (Guitarist Jimmy Page of Zeppelin is a devout follower of Satanist, Aleister Crowley, who proclaimed himself as "The Beast 666." In 1971, guitarist Jimmy Page bought Crowley’s Boleskine House on the shore of Loch Ness where Crowley practiced his Hellish, Satanic sex-magick rituals, including human sacrifices. Jimmy Page opened a bookshop venture for Occult books called "Equinox" at 4, Holland Street, Kensington, London.)

If we perish, the Book goes on...

Luke 21:33, “Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words shall not pass away.”

Taylor Swift & Satanism

Young People, Taylor
Swift Doesn't Love You!

(a shocking 16-part video series exposing the evils of Satanic Rock music)

Psalms 50:22, “Now consider this, ye that forget God, lest I tear you in pieces, and there be none to deliver.”

Aleister Crowley

Pervert Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert is a cross-dressing homosexual who performs around the nation, based in California. The Bible warns that homosexuality is a sin which brings the judgment of God!

Music provides the
subtitles to my life!

Only in American can a poor black boy from Gary, Indiana grow up to be a rich white woman in Beverly Hills, California!

Michael Jackson (1958-2009) was arguably the greatest entertainer in history, so said Fred Astaire (1899-1987). The sad story of Mr. Jackson's life shows how Satan messes with a person's mind. The Devil influenced Michael to undergo a ridiculous amount of plastic surgery. At one point his nose was so messed up from surgical tampering that he had to wear a face covering and cease from having any surgeries for an extended time. It's not an exaggeration to say that Michael Jackson's life became a media freak show!!!

Most tragic is that Michael (like the singer Prince) was a Jehovah's Witness (JW's) most of his life, but then purportedly converted to Islam one year prior to his untimely death. When Jackson filmed his THRILLER vampire music video, the JW's excommunicated him from their cult. Both JW's and Muslims (Islam) are false religions based upon works salvation. Islam (as does the Koran) totally denies Christ as the Savior, denying that He even died on a cross. JW's deny Christ's deity and the Godhead (Trinity), effectively denying the true God of the Bible.

Consequently, Michael Jackson is burning in Hell fire this moment, having died in his sins without Christ as his Savior. I say this with sincere sadness and concern. No man has ever been saved by or through religion. In fact, religion is the worst thing that ever happened to this world. Jesus plainly stated in John 14:6, “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” Jesus is the ONLY way to Heaven!!!

Freddie Mercury
(Lead singer of Queen)

Legendary Rock singers Freddie Mercury (1946-1991) was beloved worldwide by hundreds-of-millions of fans. Mr. Mercury was a flamboyant homosexual, gay as a daffodil in his own words.

The Truth About Tattoos & Piercings
(an excellent 28-minute video presentation)

If you ever regret having a tattoo and decide to have it removed, it requires anywhere between 5-20 sessions at a cost of $200-$500 PER SESSION. Laser-tattoo removal has been compared to being splat WITH HOT GREASE.

Tramp Stamps, Piercings, Tattoos
(1st Timothy 2:10, “In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array; But (which becometh women professing godliness) with good works.”)

In the song, “The Prince,”
 Metallica sing the lyrics:

“Angel from below . . .
with diamonds you repay
I don't care for heaven
so don't you look for me to cry
 from the day I die.”

Who can deny that Rock 'N' Roll music is satanic in origin? The evils of sexual immorality, Satanism and substance abuse are synonymous with Rock music!!!



Rock Music DESENSITIZES People Toward Sin!

If every demon were to be cast out of Rock 'N' Roll singers, the industry would fall apart overnight.

David Bowie in Rolling Stone magazine (Feb. 12, 1976), stunned the music world, when he stated:
"Rock has always been THE DEVIL'S MUSIC . . . I believe rock and roll is dangerous . . .
I feel we're only heralding SOMETHING EVEN DARKER THAN OURSELVES."
(Rolling Stone, Feb. 12, 1976)

Led Zeppelin

(Left clockwise to Right: Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Bonham, John Paul Jones)

Hear backward Satanic Lyrics of Led Zeppelin

More Backward Masking  |  The Rock N' Roll Death List

Photo to left: Most people recognize the Satanic hand sign which John Lennon is making at the bottom right; but, few people realize that the "ok" sign which Paul McCartney is making at the bottom left is also very Satanic. The "ok" sign is actually three 6's, each of the three vertical fingers forming an individual 6. 666!

Paul McCartney said, "We probably seem to be anti-religious. . . none of us believes in God." (Hit Parader, Jan 1970, p.15)

John Lennon, in his book, A Spaniard in the Works, portrays Jesus Christ as, "Jesus El Pifico, a garlic-eating, stinking little yellow, greasy fascist bastard catholic Spaniard." (A Spaniard in the Works, p.14).

Lennon also made that infamous statement, "Christianity will go, it will vanish and shrink. I needn't argue about that. I'm right and will be proved right. . . .We're more popular than Jesus now." (San Francisco Chronicle, April 13, 1966, p.26)

The cover of Sgt. Pepper's showed the Beatles with a background of, according to Ringo Starr, people "we like and admire" (Hit Parade, Oct. 1976, p.14).  Paul McCartney said of Sgt. Pepper's cover, ". . . we were going to have photos on the wall of all our HEROES . . ." (Musician, Special Collectors Edition, - Beatles and Rolling Stones, 1988, p.12).  One of the Beatle's heroes included on the cover of Sgt. Pepper's was — the infamous Satanist, Aleister Crowley!  Most people, especially in 1967, did not even know who Crowley was — but the Beatles certainly did.

Sgt. Pepper

“. . . we were going to have photos on the wall of all our HEROES . . .”

“Hero” Aleister Crowley is second from left on the top row.

Click here for larger picture

The Beatles apparently took Crowley's teaching very serious — Beatle John Lennon, in an interview, says the "whole idea of the Beatles" was — Crowley's infamous "do what thou wilt":

"The whole Beatle idea was to do what you want, right?  To take your own responsibility, do what you want and try not to harm other people, right?  DO WHAT THOU WILST, as long as it doesn't hurt somebody. . ." ("The Playboy Interviews with John Lennon and Yoko Ono", by David Sheff and G. Barry Golson, p. 61)

Frank Zappa made the following statement, "If you want to get together in any exclusive situation and have people love you, fine - but to hang all this desperate sociology on the idea of The Cloud-Guy who has The Big Book, who knows if you've been bad or good - and CARES about any of it - to hang it all on that, folks, is the chimpanzee part of the brain working."

Frank Zappa — The Man Without God

Rocker Frank Zappa (who discovered the awful truth December 4, 1993 the second he died) proudly boasted:
"I'm the devil's advocate. We have our own worshippers who are called 'groupies.' Girls will give their bodies to musicians as you would give a sacrifice to a god." (Peters Brothers, What About Christian Rock, p. 17)

One of the top songs of the 70's was "Hotel California" by the Eagles. Most people have no idea the song refers to the Church of Satan, which happens to be located in a converted HOTEL on CALIFORNIA street! On the inside of the album cover, looking down on the festivities, is Anton LaVey (pictured to left), the founder of the Church of Satan and author of the Satanic Bible! 

People say, the Eagles aren't serious, they're just selling records. That's what you think! The Eagles manager, Larry Salter, admitted in the Waco Tribune-Herald, (Feb. 28, 1982) that the Eagles were involved with the Church of Satan! Not surprisingly, one of the Eagle's songs is titled "Have A Good Day in Hell."


"For Marilyn Manson fans and people who are
a lot by this music, the idea of somebody
like Satan doesn't necessarily represent evil..."
-Marilyn Manson (Source -interview, Ozzy Meets Marilyn Manson, 1997)

The Truth About Marilyn Manson
(real name: Brian Warner)

Manson, an ordained "reverend" in the Church of Satan, mutilates himself on stage (1 Kings 18:28),
rips-up the Holy Bible, and spews "blasphemies" against the Lord Jesus Christ.  Manson's T-Shirts declare,


Signs of Satan!

This is an album cover by the rock band Dio. The album is called Holy Diver. Dio's singer
is former Black Sabbath frontman Ronnie James. The Satan character is clearly displaying the same hand signal.


Above and Below: OzzFest 2002 (Notice the Pentagram on Dimmu's arm above.  Album cover shown below)

Both Satanists and Wiccan witches adore and worship
the Pagan god, Pan, the world's most infamous sex predator!

Heavy Metal rocker and known Satanist, Ozzy Osbourne, has featured Pan on several of his album covers (2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005). Ozzy is bound for Hell. The Rock 'N' Roll industry is infamous for worshipping Pan, who is the very embodiment of Rock music. Pan represents Satan, which is what the ever-so-popular Satanic hand sign shows, allegiance to the Devil.

The ugly truth about the entertainment industry is that an Illuminati-selected group of individuals get to spend their lives receiving worship that belongs only to God in Heaven!!! Youth in America have been worshipping singing and musical entertainers as Gods for the past 75 years. It is the sin of IDOLATRY!

"Take thou away from me the noise of thy songs; for I will not hear the melody of thy viols (musical instruments). But let judgment run down as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream." —Amos 5:23,24

Many people fail to recognize the demonic forces all around us in society today. Rock 'N' Roll is absolutely saturated in demonism, sexual immorality, rebellion and hatred against God. There's a website online1 that actually sexually rates hundreds of Rock stars, like Steven Tyler and Gene Simmons, by the groupies (whores) that follow them from city to city for the sole purpose of fornicating with them. This is demonism. Pornography is demonism. Anything that influences people for Satan is demonism. So I don't look for demons and red-tailed devils, Satan comes to us the Bible says with false teachings, sensual entertainers and the counsel of the ungodly. Sin City Las Vegas is demon city. Woe unto the wicked! I eagerly await the time when Jesus Christ will reign triumphantly from Jerusalem during the Millennium Period as King over the whole earth, and what a time of peace and righteousness that will be! Good bye Las Vegas! Good bye Mardi Gras! Good bye Hollywood! Good bye Broadway! Good bye Rock 'N' Roll! Amen! ~David J. Stewart

1st Samuel 15:23a, “For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft."

You won't become what you decide to be; You'll become what you decide to be around.

ONE OF THE devil's key stratagems in turning America against God was to get to the Mother Country first, and then employ her in our demise.  An applicable cultural trait of the last days is "without natural affection" (2nd Timothy 3:3). Can anyone calculate the degree of permanent damage inflicted upon the morals of my generation by Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Mick Jagger and other satanic participants of the so-called "British Invasion"? (The same would apply to later waves led by the likes of Sir Elton John, etc.)

SOURCE: How Satan Turned America Against God; by Dr. William P. Grady; pg. 415; 2005; ISBN: 0-9628809-3-0

Proverb 28:4, “They that forsake the law praise
the wicked: but such as keep the law contend with them.”

There is a definite spirit invoked in rock music, secular or Christian — and it's NOT the Holy Spirit!  And many times, people involved in rock music get "caught up in this unholy spirit"!


Look what the Devil does to a willing servant. During a 1993 Oprah Winfrey interview, Michael Jackson, explained the reason for some of his filthy sexual gestures during his concerts:

"It happens subliminally. IT'S THE MUSIC THAT COMPELS ME TO DO IT. You don't think about it, it just happens. I'M SLAVE TO THE RHYTHM."
(The Evening Star
, Feb. 11, 1993, p. A10)

Nothing about the lyrics! It's the MUSIC!

How can the Holy Spirit of the Bible use such wicked, fleshly music!

Regardless of the lyrics!

In Smash Hits magazine, Bon Jovi says: ". . .
I'd kill my mother for rock and roll.  I WOULD SELL MY SOUL

“We receive our songs by inspiration, like at a sťance”
(Keith Richards of the ROLLING STONES, Rolling Stone, May 5, 1977, p. 55).

"The throbbing beat of rock provides a vital sexual
release for adolescent audiences."
(Jan Berry)

"Pop music is sex, and you have to hit them in the face with it."
(Andrew Oldham, recording manager for the 'Rolling Stones')

"We take kids away from their parents and their environment to where
the only reality is the rhythm and the beat."
(Donnie Brewer of Grand Funk)

"Rock music is a greater influence over the souls
of men than primitive Christianity."
(John Denver)

"Sex is where its at in music... and I like it." (Johnny Bristol)

"I’ve always thought that the main ingredients in rock are sex, really good stage shows and
really sassy music, Sex and sass, I think that’s where it’s at."
(Debbie Harry, lead singer with Blondie)

"I'm in rock music for the sex and narcotics." (Glenn Frey of 'The Eagles')

"Rock 'n' roll is 99% sex." (John Oates)

" meditate and you got the candles, you got the incense and you've
been chanting, and all of a sudden you hear this voice: 'Write this down'"

(Carlos Santana, Rolling Stone magazine, March 16, 2000, p. 41)

"Everyone takes it for granted that rock and roll is synonymous with sex."
(Chris Stein, lead guitarist with 'Blondie.')

"Rock music is sex. The beat matches the body rhythms."
(Frank Zappa, superstar of 'Mothers of Invention' fame.)

"Rock concerts are the churches of today."
(Guitarist Craig Chaquico of the group 'Jefferson Starship.')

“I felt like a hollow temple filled with many spirits, each one passing
through me, each inhabiting me for a little time and then leaving to be replaced
by another”
(John Lennon, People, Aug. 22, 1988, p. 70).

The song "Sympathy for the Devil" by the Rolling Stones, is the official anthem for the Church of Satan. 
In it, Lucifer speaks in the first person and asks sympathy for all who meet him.  Lead singer, Mick Jagger
claims that Anton LaVey, the founder of the Church of Satan and author of the Satanic Bible, helped
inspire their music!  Their album titled, "Their Satanic Majesties Request", leaves no doubt to their allegiance!

Pink Floyd sings, in the song "Sheep",

"The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want . . .
With bright knives he RELEASETH MY SOUL
He maketh me to hang on hooks in high places . . .
For lo, he hath great power and GREAT HUNGER."


"The strongest appeal you can make is emotionally.  If you can get their emotions going, make them forget their logic, you've got them.  AT MTV, WE DON'T SHOOT FOR THE 14-YEAR OLDS, WE OWN THEM." (MTV is Rock Around the Clock, Philadelphia Inquirer, Nov. 3, 1982)

It's A Freak Show!

1st Kings 21:20, "...thou hast

to work evil in the sight of the LORD."

What About Christian Rock?

Christian Rock? There ain't no such animal!” —Evangelist Lester Roloff

"People there are, not a few, who have pipe organ abilities and make no more music for the causes of Christ than a wheezy saxophone in an idiot's hands."

—Dr. R.G. Lee (from the needful sermon, PAYDAY SOMEDAY)

Christian Pop and Rock has never led anyone to anything but worldliness. I am so wearied with professed Christian singers who claim to want to reach others for God, while getting rich and never taking a stand for anything. I'd much rather listen to honest heathen singers any day, than to listen to dishonest CCM rockers who masquerade as Christians.

CCM Singer Tim Lambesis Admits Professions Of Christian Faith Are Fake!

Rock Music And Occult Images Of The New World Order

Consider the words of Daniel 3:10, “Thou, O king, hast made a decree, that every man that shall hear the sound of the cornet, flute, harp, sackbut, psaltery, and dulcimer, and all kinds of musick, shall fall down and worship the golden image.” Could it be that by fostering a global homogenized music style—a euphoric style that is increasingly visible in the false Christen music culture—that the stage is being set for all nations and religious backgrounds to unite in worship of the BEAST, i.e., the Antichrist. Yes, it is happening indeed! Just as wicked king Nebuchadnezzar used MUSIC as a control mechanism to initiate worship of the 90 x 9 foot golden OBELISK (male phallus) IMAGE, so also is music today synonymous with the All Seeing Eye and The Great Pyramid.

All Satan's Apples Have Worms!

“Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world.
If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.”
—1st John 2:15

       Believe it or not! Here's Amy Grant, on the Michael W. Smith, In Concert (Reunion Records, 1985) video tape flashing the El Diablo “Satanic salute.” Amy flashes the "satanic salute" at least two separate times on the video, displaying it for several seconds. There is a definite spirit invoked in Rock music, secular or Christian and it's NOT the Holy Spirit! And many times, people involved in Rock music get caught up in its unholy spirit! 

Christian Rock is not evil because they use modern instruments. It's evil because they lure Christian kids into worldly music through worldly associations. Every teenager wants to emulate their music idolwhether it be Amy Grant's pot smoking, Stryper's cross-dressing or Marsha Stevens' ministry, BALM, Born Again Lesbian Music. That's the main issue. It is not sinful to have a guitar in a church service. In fact, in can be quite appropriate if done tastefully. The same is true of drums and other instruments. I'm 100% against the CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) INDUSTRY, which is controlled by the New World Order as are all the other music industries. I am unalterably against the BUSINESS of Christian Rock Music, which is committed to Satan's New World Order.

I condemn no one, for we are all guilty, dirty, rotten, hell-deserving sinners. I am simply taking a Biblical stand for God against so-called Christian Rock music and those who publicly parade wickedness.

CCM is So Dangerous because of Where it Is Taking the Fans (into Apostasy)!

Does This Look Like Jesus is Getting the Praise?

AvalonTake a good look at the photo to the right and decide for yourself if it looks like Jesus is being praised here. Why all the multicolored lights? It looks like a nightclub! 

Do you think Christ is being honored when professed "Christians" strut across a stage, with flashing strobe lights, blasting guitars, worldly dress, and CHARGE people money to hear them "present the Gospel"? What a bunch of phonies! 

How can Avalon claim that their goal has always been "to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people through music"; BUT, then charge people to hear their music. Is the Gospel for sale?

And why don't they freely share the Gospel on their website with their fans? It's all about money! It is an insult to God for anyone to claim to sing the Gospel, and charge people money to hear it. Who's kidding who?

Take The Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) Test

The Devil's crowd knows “Rock” is Evil...

David Bowie:
“Rock has always been THE DEVIL'S MUSIC. . .”
(Rolling Stone, Feb. 12, 1976)

John Lennon:
"I've sold my soul to the DEVIL."
(Ray Coleman, Lennon, p.256)

Little Richard:
"I'm the Rock 'n Roll singer that you heard about through the years. . . I was directed and commanded by another power. The power of DARKNESS. . . The power of the DEVIL. SATAN." (Charles White, The Life and Times of Little Richard, pp. 205-206)

Craig Chaquico:

"Rock concerts are the churches of today.
Music puts them on a spiritual plane."
(Craig Chaquico; BAY AREA; February 1, 1977)

Marilyn Manson:

"I don't know if anyone has really understood
what we're trying to do... to lure people in.
Once we've got 'em we can give 'em our message."
(Marilyn Manson, HIT PARADER; October 1996, pg. 28)

Freddie Mercury:

"Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me... for me... for me."
(lyrics from the song Rhapsody by the gay rock band
. In 1991 Freddie Mercury died of A.I.D.S. at
age 45 in his 4,000,000 London mansion, having had riches without God.)

Oh, listen my friend... Sin always takes you further than you desired to go, keeps you longer than you planned to stay, and costs you more than you ever intended to pay. Satan is a beautiful liar.

So-Called “Christian Rap”

TobyMac's New World Order music Exposed
(lead singer of DC Talk
a servant of Satan who calls himself a “Christian”)

DC Talk's Jesus Freak Video
(learn the sickening truth)

“You cannot make God cool, hip, and acceptable to the world.”Pastor Danny Castle

"People there are, not a few, who have pipe organ abilities and make no more music for the causes of Christ than a wheezy saxophone in an idiot's hands." (Pastor R.G. Lee; from the needful sermon, PAYDAY SOMEDAY)

HELL FIRE (you'd better get saved before it's too late! by Pastor Danny Castle)

Fanny Crosby is the greatest hymn writer that ever lived, writing over 9,000 songs! Before Fanny got saved, at 45 years old, she wrote many secular songs. But after she got saved -things were different...Here's what Fanny said about mixing Christian and worldly music:

“Sometimes I need to reject the music proposed for my songs because the musicians misunderstand that the Fanny Crosby who once wrote for the people in the saloons has merely changed the lyrics. Oh my no. The church must never sing it's songs to the melodies of the world.” —Fanny Crosby

And do you know why Fanny Crosby said that - because Fanny got saved! And God "hath put a NEW SONG in my mouth, even PRAISE unto our God" inside the NEW Fanny Crosby! Fanny Crosby wrote over 9,000 songs to the Lord! Fanny used over 200 different pen names because she wanted to make sure God got the glory and not her.

Praise Him! praise Him! Jesus, our blessed Redeemer!
Sing, O Earth, His wonderful love proclaim!
Hail Him! Hail Him! Highest archangels in Glory;
Strength and honor give to His holy name!
Like a shepherd, Jesus will guard His children,
In His arms He carries them all day long;
Praise Him! Praise Him! Tell of His excellent greatness;
Praise Him! Praise Him! Ever in joyful song!
—Fanny J. Crosby

There is no such thing as “Christian” rock music. Just as there is no such thing as “Christian adultery” or “Christian homosexuality.” When it is rock, it is not Christian.  There is only one “Christian rock” and “THAT ROCK WAS CHRIST” (1st Corinthians 10:4).

“For their rock is not as our Rock...”
—Deuteronomy 32:31

“Take thou away from me the noise of thy songs; for I
will not hear the melody of thy viols. But let judgment run
down as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream.”
—Amos 5:23,24

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