The Church

by Pastor Jack Hyles

Table Of Contents

  1. Have Mercy On Me
  2. What Is a Church
  3. Church Perpetuity
  4. Where We Are In Fundamentalism
  5. The Autonomy of the Church
  6. A Church Losing Its Independence and Not Knowing It
  7. Where Most False Churches Lost Their Charter and Franchise
  8. The Church As a Family
  9. The Substitutes for the Church
  10. The Church, the Body of Christ
  11. Why Jesus Started Churches and Not the Church
  12. The Purpose of Going to Church
  13. The History of the Church
  14. The Price for the Church
  15. The Five Churches
  16. The Church and the World
  17. Jesus and the Church
  18. The Church and the State
  19. What Changes a Church
  20. Outside Interference - the Enemy of the Church
  21. The Church As the Bride of Christ
  22. The Catholic Influence on Baptist Churches and How It Got There
  23. What Is a Fundamental Baptist Church
  24. How the Wall of Separation Is Broken Down
  25. The Sin of Denominations
  26. How the Devil Removes Some Landmarks
  27. The Financing of the Church
  28. The Task of the Church
  29. A Shrewd Way the Devil Takes Over a Church
  30. When the New Testament Church Started
  31. The Church and Education According to the Bible
  32. Why Biblically the State Cannot Control the Church
  33. The Church and the Government

The Church (Audio)

Billy Sunday

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