Will Israel Be Gathered Twice?

By David J. Stewart

Some pro-modern Israel theologians errantly claim that the gathering of Israel in 1948 was in UNBELIEF, and that there will be another second gathering in BELIEF when Christ returns. This is ridiculous teaching for numerous reasons:

  1. To say that God has gathered Israel in unbelief is to say that God's promises apply to biological Jews. As we see evidenced in the lives of Esau and Jacob (both grandchildren of Abraham), God accepted Jacob while rejecting Esau. The reason was solely a line of faith! The promise of blessing ALWAYS followed a line of faith in the Messiah (Exodus 19:5). No Christ-rejecting Israelite will ever see the Promised Land. If all biological Jews were blessed, then it shouldn't have mattered between Jacob and Esau.

  2. Also, the Bible teaches that the Promised Land will be overflowing with wine, milk and honey (not the ugly, depraved, desert wilderness that it is today). See Jeremiah 11:5; 32:22 and Ezekiel 20:6.

  3. The Promised Land includes all land between the Euphrates river up in Syria down to the Nile river in Africa (Genesis 15:18). Clearly, Israel doesn't posses their Promised Land today and can barely keep what they have (Luke 21:24).

144,000 Jews will receive their Messiah after the Rapture. This is the REMNANT with whom God restores the Old Testament covenant (Daniel 9:27). The remnant in Israel will evangelize the gospel to the lost world during the Tribulation. These will be born-again Christian Jews! Since they support Christ, God will support Israel and defend His nation at Armageddon.

But please understand that God didn't gather the 144,000 Jews. Millions of people who consider themselves “Jews” (whether by ethnicity, nationality, biologically, culturally or by becoming a Christian) have been voluntarily moving to Israel to feel like they are where they belong. To believe that God was behind the 1948 creation of Israel is to make God a criminal, because Communist led forces led the coalition to drive Palestinians from their homes at gun point, to give their homes to the Jews, free and clear. Much blood was shed. God allowed Assyria and Babylon to brutally rape, torture and kill thousands of Jews in 721 BC and 586 BC. God didn't partake of their evil, but He allowed it because of Israel's rebellion.

There is solid and overwhelming evidence that the international banking cabal (fake Jews) started World War II with the intent of murdering millions of true Jews as a pretext to forming the modern State of Israel. It worked better than they planned, forever gaining sympathy for Israel. Wall Street companies financed Hitler's unstoppable WAR MACHINE. German tanks used Ford Motor Company engines!!! Bill O'Reilly at Fox News was showing clips of the Jewish Holocaust for viewers to see this past week. The Holocaust DID happen. Only a fool would deny the ovens in which Jews were mercilessly baked and cremated. It is a cruel thing to deny the Holocaust. There's still 198,000 Holocaust survivors in Israel today who can show you their scars and tell you detailed facts. One Holocaust survivor dies each hour on average today in Israel, which adds up to about 12,000 per year. So they won't be with us much longer after several more years.

 that these are not Jews gathered by God. Present-day Israel is not the fulfillment of God's promise to regather Israel to the Promised Land. Certainly God knew and allowed the present State of Israel to exist. A REMNANT of Israel will turn to the Lord in the Tribulation period and God will defend them against attacks from a coalition of nations led by the Antichrist. The Bible teaches that two-thirds of people living in Israel will be killed.

“World events do not occur by accident. They are made to happen, whether it is to do with national issues or commerce; and most of them are staged and managed by those who hold the purse strings.”
―SOURCE: Denis Healey, British Defence Secretary

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