Mormons Lost Boys
What kind of satanic religion rids itself of teen boys,
so sex-perverts can marry five or six teen wives?

by David J. Stewart | August 2014

       What most people don't know is that Mormon children, especially the little girls, are taught from the earliest age that their purpose in life is to marry another man who has 5 or 6, maybe 10 or 21 wives, and also be his wife too. This is 100% child abuse, but where is the state child welfare department, child protection services (CPS) concerning all of this? Utah sanctions this type of child endangerment because the entire state is predominantly MORMON!!!

Don't take my word for it, read the following shocking information from the victims themselves...

Boys exiled from polygamist sect seek new life in the outside world
More than 400 teens excommunicated over past 4 1/2 years

By Angie Wagner, Associated Press Writer

SALT LAKE CITY—Damned by his religion, denied by his family and left with nowhere else to go, the teenager slept in a cold tool shed just steps from a company owned by his relatives.

They went home at night to warm, cozy beds while Tom Sam Steed stole bread, cereal and nutrition bars from a gas station just to survive. He tried, several times, to kill himself, convinced that he was worth nothing.

His salvation came when he got a job cleaning carpets and finally left the control of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and its leader, Warren Jeffs.

Former members describe a religion that thrives on domination. Every detail of their life was scripted—from plural marriages to what they could wear, who they could associate with and what job they could have. In the last 4 1/2 years, more than 400 teenage boys have been excommunicated, many for seemingly minor infractions such as watching a movie or talking to a girl.

Former church members suspect something else is causing the banishment of young men. In a polygamous community, there are only so many women to go around. Older men don't want to compete with young men for wives. The boys have to go.

Now, they have been thrust into a society they have been taught is evil. They are homeless, uneducated, confused and unprepared for a world where they can make their own choices.

They are lost boys.

Leaving "worse than murder"
Sweaty and out of breath, four teenage boys barge into the kitchen for glasses of water after an exhausting game of basketball. They tease each other about who won, then stretch out on couches and chairs.

In many ways, they are typical teenagers. They brag about souped-up cars, listen to rapper Eminem, admire supermodel Heidi Klum, have seen the "The Matrix" multiple times and want to go to college. But ask them how many brothers and sisters they have and it's clear that these teens have had unusual lives. Seventeen brothers and sisters for one, 21 for another. Another lost count after 300. Most of their fathers have at least two wives.

Almost all 11 boys gathered this day grew up in the "creek"—the twin FLDS communities of Colorado City, Ariz., and Hildale, Utah, where most of the estimated 10,000 residents are church members, the largest polygamous group in the West.

The FLDS is different from the mainstream Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which has disavowed polygamy and denounced the FLDS.

Living in the creek, along the Utah-Arizona border, means total submission to the church. Jeffs, whom many former members accuse of brainwashing, directs all parts of his members' lives. The church, through its charitable trust, owns the land its members build homes on, arranges marriages and requires members to wear long underwear at all times.

Movies and television are banned. Basketball and football were taken away a few years ago, the boys say. Wives can be assigned to different men if the church orders it. Most members don't attend school past the eighth grade.

"We're taught the only way into heaven is through this church," said Steed. "If you leave, that's worse than murder." But this restricted life is the only one they have ever known.

Some boys ran away or left after a family member did. Others were ousted for violations such as wanting to go to public school, something that Rod Parker, a Salt Lake City attorney and church spokesman, denies.

Parker said it was hard to generalize about the boys, but noted they were not involved with the church anymore because of the choices they made.

"These people are minimizing the reasons for their not being part of the church anymore," he said. "They tend to be juvenile delinquents, they tend to have criminal problems, they have drug problems. They have all kinds of things going on with their lives that are incompatible with the church."

Once out of the creek, the boys mostly roamed southern Utah, living in flophouses or their cars, dabbling in drugs and alcohol, meeting up with other excommunicated members.

They can't return to their families because church members are forbidden from associating with them. Sometimes, parents secretly send money. But mostly they are on their own, homeless, some as young as 13.

Weeding out Competition
Three years ago, Shem Fischer and his brother, Dan Fischer, helped a few excommunicated boys find jobs and an education in Salt Lake City.

Former members of the FLDS church, the brothers knew the struggles that the boys faced.

Dan Fischer, founder of Ultradent, a Utah-based dental products manufacturer, never lived in the creek, but was once a believer and at one time had three wives. Shem Fischer grew up in the creek and left three years ago at age 33.

He never had reason to question the church until he started working outside the community, doing sales and marketing for his family's cabinetry and interior design business.

The FLDS doesn't believe that man landed on the moon. When Fischer learned the truth, he was embarrassed: "It makes you really start questioning what else you've been duped on."

Fischer complained to the church after his father's three wives were taken away. Fischer, a member of the church's board of directors at the time, was told by the board to leave.

His mother still lives in the creek, but mail and phone calls from Fischer are blocked. He was not allowed to attend his father's funeral in February 2001.

After the brothers helped a few boys, they started getting calls from others who had been kicked out and were sometimes dropped off in nearby communities with just the clothes on their backs. Word got around that the brothers wanted to help, and soon more than 400 excommunicated boys had been identified.

"The older men don't want to compete with the young bucks. Sheer math will tell you a certain amount of them have to go," said Shem Fischer, who is related to several of the boys.

There were so many, the brothers knew that Ultradent and its nonprofit Diversity Foundation couldn't support them all. Now they have turned to the public for help with food, housing, furniture, clothing and mentors they hope will give the boys a new life.

"I hope that they can see they are not trash. They are valuable human citizens," Shem Fischer said. "They can prove FLDS wrong. They will not go to the bottom of society. They will not be damned."

Memories of childhood lost
Sitting inside Dan Fischer's guest house, the boys compared stories on why they left and even joke about polygamy. Carl Ream, 16, said he only wanted one wife because women were too expensive. His friends laughed.

They curse too much, make up silly names for each other and play a fierce game of hackie sack.

But, when they are alone, they speak of a childhood stolen. Richard Gilbert, 19, wishes that he could have played Little League baseball.

Emotion rarely slips into John Jessop's conversation. The tough-talking 15-year-old was kicked out of FLDS at 13 and sent back by a court order when he was charged with possessing marijuana. He was kicked out again just days ago for wearing short sleeves, he said.

"It wasn't really a happy childhood," John said. "I'm never going to go back there again." He hopes to be adopted.

Steed, a tall and gangly 19-year-old with faraway brown eyes, was part of the FLDS church and under Jeffs' control in the suburbs of Salt Lake City. He left at 15 when he was put on religious probation for watching a PG-13 movie. But he still found himself drawn to the church and wanted to return. His relatives wouldn't let him live with them because he wasn't in good standing with the church. He worked for his family's excavation company, earning $5.15 an hour when they paid him. At night, he said he slept in a tool shed on the property.

An eighth-grade dropout, Steed asked Jeffs if he could return to the church, but Steed said Jeffs threw him out, telling him he would not be lifted up to heaven with the other members. "That took all my hope, all my dreams away," he said.


This is sickening. Can you imagine a community controlled by such powerful men, monsters, that they would excommunicate thousands of sons from Mormon families, banning them from their communities, so the affluent sex-perverted Mormon elders can seduce and marry their congregation's daughters. Aren't people foolish when the Devil gets a hold of them? It just proves how vulnerable the human soul really is, and how easy it is to control people, even leading them to surrender their virgin daughters to be ravished by some filthy old pig, and then kick your sons out of their community to eliminate any competition for the young girls. How could this debauchery and evil happen right under our noses in the good ole U.S.A. and get away with it?

You've got 18-year-olds serving life-sentences in prison across the nation for first time drug offences, while Mormon perverts get away with the type of wickedness that I just mentioned, and no one is brought to justice. Literally, you've got wealthy, Masonic, Mormon, dirty old perverts in their 70's marrying teenage girls for their sexual pleasure. There's not a dime's difference between Mormonism and Freemasonry. As far as I'm concerned, Mormonism was started in 1830 by Joseph Smith (a 33rd degree Freemason) as a sex house for Freemasons to go to when they want to rape children and have sex with other men's daughters and wives. Read the news and the facts speak for themselves...

Lost boys are the forgotten polygamy victims

It's simple arithmetic in polygamous, fundamentalist Mormon societies like Bountiful, B.C. Some men get many wives, others get none. It's usually older men who get second, third and sometimes more wives, brides who are usually teenagers.

By The Vancouver Sun July 30, 2007

It's simple arithmetic in polygamous, fundamentalist Mormon societies like Bountiful, B.C. Some men get many wives, others get none.

It's usually older men who get second, third and sometimes more wives, brides who are usually teenagers.

Left behind are angry, frustrated young men. Not only can they not choose their own mates, they've been told it's against the church's rules to date or even socialize with girls their age.

A few lucky young men do get wives. But it can feel like entrapment. One day they wake up and are told they're marrying a stranger for "time and all eternity," in the words of the faith's marriage ceremony.

The boys are often the forgotten victims of polygamy. But three of their stories are told in a documentary by Maureen Palmer and Helen Slinger called Polygamy's Lost Boys, which airs Saturday at 7 p.m. on Global Television.

All three stories are different. All are heart-breaking insights into the difficult transition from having no freedom to having almost too much.

Fundamentalist Mormons broke with the mainstream church when it renounced polygamy in 1890. Because polygamy is illegal in Canada and the United States, they live in cloistered communities where members' behaviour is strictly controlled. There are estimated 30,000 of them in North America and about 12,000 belong to the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints. ...


The very fact that Mormon boys have to be kicked out of their Mormon community, church and family is solid proof that Mormonism is of the Devil. If you've ever looked at the demographics of any area, pick a city, any one, it doesn't matter... you'll learn that there is usually no more than about a 5% gap between male and female gender. God knew what He was doing. God has provided enough women for each man to have a wife. Only when wicked men in their lust for sex, sex, sex, will contrive a monstrous system akin to the Franklin Boys Town abuse cover-up in Nebraska. You remember, U.S. President Reagan (aka, Rainbow Ronnie) and Vice President Bush Sr. (both homosexuals) were caught trafficking little boys from the Franklin Boys Town to The White House to be raped at parties. Freemasonry is a phallic-worshipping, Luciferian cult, which controls the United States! You couldn't make this stuff up!

The “Lost Boys”

They are just young men (mostly young teenagers) who have become competition to the older men who want more (and usually much younger) wives. They are kicked out of their homes and run out of town. They often leave with just the shirts on their backs. Most have minimum education and few life-skills. But, the Prophet said that they must go away. So their parents cast them out like unwanted pets. Now, they are out on the street trying to fend for themselves. They are known as the "Lost Boys".

Read the tragic stories of their attempting to survive and to integrate into mainstream society. These articles are in chronological order.


What kind of human being would knowingly allow their son or sons to be driven out of town, so your entrusted Mormon elder can marry all your daughters himself, and bear 39 children to one man? What sick form of insanity invades people's minds to turn them into these type of loathsome bottom-dwellers of our American society? You know, with liberty comes responsibility. God didn't give us liberty to do as we please; but rather, to please Him by obeying His Word and enjoying the blessings which God gives to us. Liberty is a gift from God, which brings with it the freedom to make our own choices. But when men start making the wrong choices, liberty is eventually lost. Freedom is a reward for making the right choices. When we start making all the wrong choices, then freedom and liberty disappear, as is now happening in America. Those who will not be governed by God will be ruled by tyrants!

I plead with you, if you are a Mormon or thinking of becoming one, get out now while you still can. Mormonism is a sex-pervert's religion that caters to wealthy men in high positions, who abuse their power by exploiting religion as a means to exploit brainwashed mothers and daughters into becoming sex-slaves. If you take the sex out of Mormonism, it ceases to exist. If you take moon-worship out of Islam, it also ceases to exist. If you take Mary-worship out of the Roman Catholic Church, it ceases to exist. If you take Lucifer-worship out of Freemasonry, it ceases to exist. And if you take Jesus Christ out of Christianity, it ceases to exist. Thank God for the trustworthy King James Bible, God's inspired Words. Burn your Book of Mormon, it's a fraud!

Mormons are sex-perverts in their thinking, worship, attitudes, lifestyle and behavior. They actually teach that God had physical relations with Mary and that's how Jesus was born. Mormons also claim that Jesus had multiple wives. Everything that Mormons touch becomes sexualized, as is always the case with dirty-minded perverts. I marvel how people can be so naive, gullible and openly choose a path that will lead them straight into Hell, while rejecting the truth of God's holy Word.

Salvation is not doing your best, it is having Christ's best put to your account through receiving Him by faith.

“Do all the good you can. By all the means you can. In all the ways you can. In all the places you can.
At all the times you can. To all the people you can. As long as ever you can.”
―John Wesley

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