To The Same Degree That A Church Becomes Ecumenical, To That Same Degree They Stop Fighting & Contending For The Faith

By David J. Stewart | October 2015

Titus 1:9-13, “Holding fast the faithful word as he hath been taught, that he may be able by sound doctrine both to exhort and to convince the gainsayers. For there are many unruly and vain talkers and deceivers, specially they of the circumcision: Whose mouths must be stopped, who subvert whole houses, teaching things which they ought not, for filthy lucre's sake. One of themselves, even a prophet of their own, said, The Cretians are alway liars, evil beasts, slow bellies. This witness is true. Wherefore rebuke them sharply, that they may be sound in the faith.”

       Oh, how we need real Christians today who are on-fire for truth, soul-winning and God! Many Baptist churches have replaced preaching with entertainment. I love what Brother Jack Hyles says...

“You see, a lot of preachers just want to get out of preparing a sermon for a Sunday night, because they don't enjoy preparing sermons, they don't enjoy preaching a sermon. But a man that's called of God and right with God enjoys both. So now for these 40-years we've not had any cantatas during preaching! We had no plays during preaching! We've had no movies during preaching! We've had no showing slides during preaching! ... Nothing should take the place of PREACHING!”

SOURCE: Dr. Jack Hyles, a quote from the sermon, "Getting Half-Right With God.”

Whereas the Word of God teaches Christians to DIVIDE OVER TRUTH, ecumenism compels them to UNITE BY ERROR instead. 2nd Corinthians 6:14-15, “Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness? And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel?” Ecumenicalism is Satan's method for silencing the churches. What's the problem? It is a lack of Biblical preaching that is the culprit. We need hard-preaching, not soft-preaching! Today's lame sermonettes on the average religious radio station are so lacking of substance that Satan loves them! We need some leather-lunged Billy Sundays!!!

All across America foolish religious groups are promoting the silly notion that music will change people's lives. Music may inspire people, it may help them feel better, but music can never replace the preaching of the Word of God!!! The popular trend these days in many Baptist churches is to have a first-class music program, but second-class preaching. I actually heard a senior Baptist pastor not too long ago tell a group of a dozen new church members, “You can probably find better preaching elsewhere, but our music program is second to none!” That is a shame! This describes most of America's Bible colleges and churches today.

When you're in bed with the Devil, you're not going to criticize him or expose him. This is the purpose of ecumenism (or ecumenicalism). Before I say anymore, please let me define a few terms. “Neo” means “new.”  “Neo-evangelical” or “new-evangelical,” refers to the new methods being implemented these days in churches, as verses the old-time Christian religion. A “soul-winning church” is a church that goes out door-to-door preaching the Gospel (as they did in Acts 20:20, often called “a believer's 20/20 vision”). An “evangelical church” is where the church invites people, and then preaches the Gospel to them at church.

As we read in 2nd Corinthians 6:14-15, we as believers ought to be separated from unbelievers; and also from anything which Satan is creeping into the churches, because there can be no fellowship between Christ and Satan. Satan is creeping into our fundamental Baptist churches by the hour. Please listen to the awesome MP3 sermon by Dr. Jack Hyles titled, “Our Mixed Up Fundamental Christianity.”

Where Were the 7,000 Men of Elijah's Time, Who Hadn't Bowed to Baal?

One of the best sermons I've heard is titled, “It's Time To Come Out Of The Closet” (MP3 by Dr. Jack Hyles). The Bible is under attack as in Elijah's time. Where were the 7,000 men who hadn't bowed their knee to Baal in Elijah's day? Why did Elijah have to stand alone? Where are all the millions of born-again Christians today speaking out against homosexuality? Where are they so silent? Why are Christians silent about the sex perversion, which is deliberately being targeted at young teens today, with perverted Taylor Swift videos and the entire sleazy music video industry? You silent Christians... COME OUT OF THE CLOSET!!! There are millions of born-again Christians across America, who are silent, when they ought to be standing with the Elijahs of our generation.

Identify yourself with the KING JAMES BIBLE!!! If you can't be out there fighting with Elijah, then at least show support for Elijah. You can help Elijah's cause for the Lord. You can encourage the Elijahs of our generation who are fighting for God. You can let everyone know whose side you're on!!! I stand with everything that Dr. Jack Hyles (1926-2001) stood for during his 55 years of earthly ministry!!! Brother Hyles is in Heaven looking down, but I am still here, and I'm going to be A VOICE for the Lord Jesus Christ and promote the teachings of the Elijahs of our time, and Brother Hyles was an Elijah!!! I stand with Pastor Curtis Hutson! I stand with the preachers of our generation who STAND for the KING JAMES BIBLE!!! God pity the neo-evangelical, weak-kneed, wimpy, compromised, sissy, preacherettes of our generation. All they know how to do is criticize the Elijahs of our generation. Where are the 7,000???

If you can't get in the battle, then get into the grandstands and cheer the ones who are in the battle. There is something that YOU can do to help promote the old-time religion. I'm going to stand with the churches and men of God who preach the literal blood of Jesus sprinkled on the Mercy Seat in Heaven. I'm going to expose the Dr. John MacArthurs of our time, who deny that Jesus' blood is in Heaven on the Mercy Seat in the Holy Place (Hebrews 9:12, 24; 12:24). Also, W.E. Vine (i.e., Vine's dictionary) denies that Jesus' blood made it to the heavenly Mercy Seat. Perhaps this is where Mr. MacArthur got his heresy, from corrupted Greek study aids. It's time that we offend the liberals! Offend the neo-evangelicals! Offend the modernists with the truth! You silent Christians... COME OUT OF THE CLOSET!!!

The hallmark character trait of being a Christian is CARING! Along with CARING comes everything that matters: doctrinal integrity, moral standards, family values, the value of life, cleanliness, justice, honesty, et cetera. I CARE, because God CARES, and God's Holy Spirit indwells me as His child. And if you're a born-again Christian, you ought to CARE too. If you don't care, it's only because you've substituted the wrong things to care about in your life. What are your priorities? Caring is not something that you can teach a person—you either care or you don't. Pray and ask God to burden your heart for OTHERS, and help you care more. God will often give you a burden, a heartache, an affliction, a loss, hard-times, or something you didn't want or expect, in order to mold you into Christ's image. The old adage is true, no pain means no gain. If we don't suffer, we cannot grow. We all want God's blessings without any pain, suffering or heartaches, but it doesn't work that way. Unshakable faith only comes from having your faith shaken!!!

It's not enough to say that the King James Bible is the BEST Bible. No Sir, it is the ONLY BIBLE!!! Where are the 7,000 people who didn't stand with Elijah? They're hidden in cellblock (Watchcare) Bible study groups! They're hidden in dead churches where Hell is never preached about, and women wear pants, and Walt Disney is promoted to the youth, and the damnable heresy of Lordship Salvation is taught. You women without femininity, come out of the closet!!! It's not enough to just not bow to Baal, you need to STAND WITH ELIJAH!!! What are you doing for God??? Where are the 7,000 Christian people that could have stood with Elijah, there's a battle raging!!! You silent Christians... COME OUT OF THE CLOSET!!!

If you CARE, then speak up for God with me. You are not alone. Let the world know where you stand, and what you won't tolerate. We're losing our country's heritage, sovereignty, economy and spiritual backbone because the homosexuals, abortionists and pornographers are LOUDER and more OUTSPOKEN than we as Christians are. Sadly, they CARE more than we do as God's redeemed children!!! WHICH ONE IS AMERICA? (MP3, Dr. Hyles, “Who will prevail? The one who cares the most!”). We're all hiding in our churches, behind closed door and brick walls. What's behind the church walls? You hiding Christians... COME OUT OF THE CLOSET!!!

The Sin Of Becoming a Neo-Evangelical

If Satan can get New Testament soul-winning churches to yoke together with new-evangelical churches, then the soul-winning churches will stop soul-winning. One healthy person, plus one sick person, always results in two sick people.

One of Satan's most effective methods for destroying churches is by using ecumenical cooperation. As the once faithful soul-winning church sinfully compromises with a worldly religious group, they begin to dip-their-sails, trim their sermons, and change their values. In other words, in the apostle Paul's words, “A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump” (Galatians 5:9).

Perhaps you say, “Our church will never compromise. We'll never become ecumenical. Satan won't chance us!” If that's your attitude, don't be so confident until you hear what I have to say. In these times of technological advancement in the 21st century, it has become very convenient for the Devil to creep into the churches through electronic media; such as, television, internet and radio. Due to modern media, false prophets have been given the exponential power of influence. People's religious views are being shaped via the internet, television and radio. Through these media sources, books and other media types are also promoted. Satan is no dummy. The Devil is using the power of media to corrupt the churches.

Pastors who would never allow some heretic into their church pulpit, will listen to Dr. John MacArthur on the radio and internet—a man who denies that Christ's blood is on the heavenly Mercy Seat, who teaches that children cannot be saved, who teaches that Jesus didn't die for all men, who teaches that it is not easy to be saved, who teaches that without surrender to discipleship no man can be saved. It's high-time for our churches to revaluate their spiritual mentors!!!

Please avoid false prophets: Rick Warren, Ray Comfort, Paul Washer, John MacArthur, John Piper, Max Lucado, Billy Graham, Beth Moore, Franklin Graham, Max Lucado, John Hagee, Melissa Scott, Charles Stanley, Pat Robertson, James Dobson, Ellen White, Joyce Meyer and umpteen others. For a detailed analysis of their beliefs, please read the awesome book by Michael Bowen titled: “I NEVER KNEW YOU!” (.pdf book).

The Problem With Religious Ecumenical Films Like “War Room”

Recently, a popular religious film was released called “War Room” (2015). I did some research behind the film. The producer is Alex Kendrick, who was a Baptist pastor for 15-years (1999-2014) in Georgia. Mr. Kendrick got into the religious film business and now has a net worth of $8,000,000!!! I have a problem with a self-professed “minister” (which means “servant”) of God, having millions-of-dollars to their name. I just heard today in the news that more than half of all Americans earn less than $30,000 a year. I'm sick of millionaire preachers!!! Billy Graham gets paid $633,722 a year! John MacArthur gets paid $246,586 a year! (not including book sale proceeds). Henry Morris III gets paid $140,131 a year! These are self-proclaimed “servants” (ministers) of God. What a joke! Jesus warned that NO MAN can serve God and money (Luke 16:13). Although Mr. Kendrick claims that making money is not their goal... THEY'RE MAKING TONS OF MONEY!!! Lest you be ignorant of the dangers behind films like WAR ROOM, consider that unsaved, hellbound, Roman Catholics love and promote WAR ROOM. The film does encourage prayer, but it also gives a false sense of security to hellbound Catholics and other psuedo-Christian religious denominations, which is apostasy.

As a born-again Christian and a genuine Baptist preacher, I have a serious problem with any so-called “Baptist pastor” who has a net worth of $8,000,000, acquired by producing shallow religious films that unsaved Catholics love and purchase, never being warned that adding good works to the Gospel is a false plan of salvation. If you are not born-again, GOD'S WRATH ABIDETH UPON YOU, and His ear is turned away from you, because you are WICKED in God's eyes. Our TALK talks, and our WALK talks, but our WALK talks louder than our TALK talks. Alex Kendrick and his two brothers can say that money is not their goal, which sounds noble; but their refusal to warn hellbound unbelievers about coming judgment, Hell and eternal damnation speaks contrary to their claim. I have a right to my opinion. Sure they're doing it for the money! Kendrick's net worth speaks volumes about his motives!

God warns in Revelation 3:15-16 that he would rather have believers HOT or COLD, but He despises LUKEWARM Christianity. Ironically, in the film WAR ROOM, a dear elderly African-American lady plays the part of a prayer warrior (and she delivers a stellar performance), and she teaches a younger mother a lesson on LUKEWARMNESS by handing her a cup of lukewarm coffee, which was very unappealing to her. The elderly woman by example, through the use of warm coffee, teaches the younger woman that God doesn't like lukewarm believers either. The irony is that Alex Kendrick is extremely ecumenical, which is the epitome of lukewarmness.

In his religious film, FIREPROOF, starring Lordship Salvation reprobate Kirk Cameron, Kendrick portrays the husband as addicted to porn, problematic and distant from his wife. However, the film never rebukes the wife for her adultery, rebellious spirit and sins. The film dares not portray the wife in a negative view, but condemns the husband. This is feminism's motto: DAMN THE MAN! Christian leaders are wimps these days, cowards who are afraid to preach the Biblical truth of wifely submission, and that women belong at home instead of the workplace, and wives are commanded to obey their husbands (1st Timothy 5:14-15; Ephesians 5:22).

If your church's young girls and ladies wear modest dresses, skorts and culottes at your soul-winning Baptist church; don't hobnob and share activities with a worldly neo-evangelical church, where the young girls and women wear dress pants, pants, short skirts and sexy skirts. It's pretty bad when a man has to struggle with his thoughts at church, because the women of the church dress promiscuously and seductive. The Bible teaches Christian separation from the heathen world, which includes Ecclesiastical separation of doctrinally sound preachers from heretical pastors like Dr. John MacArthur (2nd Corinthians 6:14-17).

When King James Bible Bible-believing churches send their young people to apostate Bible colleges, where they use the modern counterfeit Bible versions, it's just a matter of years until all of those students become neo-evangelicals who use umpteen Bible versions. A King James Bible only church ought NEVER send your youth to a Bible university or college where they use anything other than, or in addition to, the King James Bible. If they allow the New King James Bible, rip up your enrollment application and start over looking for a godly Bible college. I love the Lord Jesus Christ, which is why I fuss so much about the Bible, because all of the allegedly “easier-to-understand” Bible versions change key passages concerning Christ. That's Satan attacking the Holy Bible! Thank God for the trustworthy King James Bible!

It's Time To Choose Sides!

I've noticed that many Baptist churches today are shallow—tolerating multiple plans of salvation, tolerating immodest attire on women, tolerating Satan's dozens of counterfeit Bible versions, et cetera. As born-again Christians we ought to nail down what we believe and preach it! I mean, if you believe that the New International Version (NIV) is God's inspired words (I certainly don't), then take a stand for it and preach it! I have far more admiration for a preacher who stands firm in his heresy, than I do for a cowardly lukewarm wimp who doesn't stand for anything!!! Choose sides!!!

I have examined the different Bible versions and I plainly see that only the King James Bible faithfully uplifts the deity, Godhead and preeminence of Jesus Christ. You don't need a lot of education to know an imposter when you see one. Any simple person with an honest heart and a thinking brain can see that the King James Bible is the genuine McCoy. Thank God for the King James Bible!!!

I'd rather stand for something than fall for anything! I know the Lord is disgusted with lukewarm Christians (Revelation 3:15-16). God detests fence-straddlers. As Pastor Curtis Hutson used to say in his preaching, “The only thing you'll find in the middle of the road are dead skunks.” God wants us HOT or COLD. I am frustrated with Baptist churches that use multiple Bible versions. Good night man, choose a Bible and stand upon it! For me (and I recommend for you too), it's only the King James Bible!!! Pastors and church congregations who use multiple Bible versions are at best confused. At worst they're not saved, following Lordship Salvation (which is exactly what Seventh-day Adventists teach).

A Crafty Method Of Satanic Deception

There's a lot of double-speak in churches today (as evidenced in the link I just shared with you about SDA's), which is typical of false prophets. In one statement they say that salvation is a free gift without works of self-righteousness; but in the next statement they say that your faith is not valid unless it includes ceasing from sinful behavior and a change of life. So, in essence, THEY'VE HIDDEN THEIR HERESY in the redefining of the meaning of the word “FAITH.”

The proponents of the heresy of Lordship Salvation do the same exact thing, hiding their heresy in the redefining of what it Biblically means to REPENT. Instead of a simple “change of mind” that compels a sinner to BELIEVE the Gospel to be saved; proponents of the Lordship Salvation heresy redefine “repentance” to mean “a change of life,” which complicates matters, because most people are not willing to change life-long bad habits to be saved. This perversion of the Gospel is why Dr. John MacArthur foolishly teaches:

“Don’t believe anyone who says it’s easy to become a Christian. Salvation for sinners cost God His own Son; it cost God’s Son His life, and it’ll cost you the same thing.”

SOURCE: Dr. John MacArthur, Grace To You, an updated quote from his book 'Hard To Believe', page 93

Do you see how a wrong understanding of repentance turns “the simplicity that is in Christ” (2nd Corinthians 11:3-4) into a very complicated false plan of salvation? Why aren't more churches fighting against this sore evil? It is because of the woes of ecumenicalism, which has merged salvation with discipleship, thus corrupting the Gospel.

Sad to say, Moody Church, Moody Bible Institute and Moody Publishers are guilty of this type of ecumenicalism, because they publish Dr. John MacArthur's books, honoring him at their annual Founder's Week, and promoting his works online and to their church members and students. So every church with a radio station who hosts Moody's radio programs (kind of like Big Brother), they're going to go-along-to-get-along with whatever Moody promotes. Some apostates would call this “splitting hairs” over doctrine, but there are drastic doctrinal differences in our churches today concerning salvation and the Word of God. Either a person must stop intentionally sinning to be saved, or they do not. It cannot be both. It's not a trifle matter. Either the word “repent” means a change of mind” in Mark 1:15 (as the Textus Receptus Greek teaches), or it is “a change of your heart and life” as modern corrupt Bible versions teach. It cannot be both. In case you didn't know, ALL modern counterfeit Bible versions were translated from the corrupt Greek work of Westcott and Hort. Whereas, the King James Bible does not!

I hope and pray that God's Holy Spirit will stir your heart—so you'll get upset over apostasy like ecumenism, false doctrines like Zionism, spiritual fraud like Speaking-In-Tongues, tampering with the plan of salvation, imposters like Martin Luther, false prophets like John MacArthur, false religions like Roman Catholicism, satanic cults like Freemasonry, the Communist New World Order, and the hoax of modern Bible versions!!! If you're not upset, YOU'RE NOT PAYING ATTENTION!!! God forbid that you don't care. If that's you, may I kindly say... GET RIGHT WITH GOD!!!


“Nobody can love God who doesn't love sinners!”
(a quote by Dr. Jack Hyles classic MP3 sermon, “The Happiest Man
(happiest is the man who will not impute sin to others!)

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