The Shame Of Being An American!

by David J. Stewart | September 2019

       Back in the 1980's and 90's as a young man, at Bible College and Youth Conferences, I used to heartily sing the song titled, “God Bless America” in my ignorance. But as I have grown older and researched the truth about the United States, I cannot sing this song anymore. The words utterly disgust me when I think about the 60,000,000 human beings we've murdered by abortion in the United States, and how 97% of preachers don't care enough anymore to preach against the evils of abortion. Somebody's got to care! I cannot sing about my desire for God to bless our wicked nation!

According to Pew Research, most Americans still think the United States is among the best countries in the world. I totally disagree. Norway puts America to shame in the way they treat the least among them. The U.S. is shameful in the way we treat imprisoned people. If you research other foreign countries, you will find that the United States lacks woefully in so many ways. We don't have it anywhere as good as we think we do. Booze is sold everywhere in America, but you won't find that problem in Sweden! Divorce is commonplace in the U.S., but there are no divorce courts in the Philippines. Americans comes in nearly last place in education, quality of life and manners!

The LGBTQ homosexual agenda is nothing less than Satanic and disgusting in every way. I cannot sanction this filth! Americans have become sick. We are a mentally-ill people! When people think it is okay for two homosexuals to sodomize each other, and the government allows them to legally adopt children into that kind of sick, abnormal, perverse and unhealthy environment, we've hit rock bottom as a society. I pray for God to curse America! I said, GOD CURSE AMERICA!!!

Here are the words to this massively popular patriotic song, “God Bless America”...

God Bless America,
Land that I love.
Stand beside her, and guide her
Thru the night with a light from above.
From the mountains, to the prairies,
To the oceans, white with foam
God bless America, My home sweet home.

I hard a hard time at first abandoning the idea of God blessing America, because that I how I had been indoctrinated to think. So I adopted the idea that I love my country, but I fear my government. But then after I grew up some more years later, I fully realized that Americans are the problem, and that we have nothing to be proud about in this ungodly nation. Our Bible colleges are spiritual urinals, where faith in the inspiration of God's Word is shaken in young people. If I had my way, I close the doors of every Bible college in the country! America produces most of the world's smutty magazines, counterfeit Bible versions, and degenerate lying books mostly authored by paid ghostwriters. Everything is a lie nowadays!

From hotels, to rental cars, to restaurants, Americans are utterly greedy! I get disgusted at the non-existent ethics in American business today. All car rental companies lie, advertising cheap rentals for $22 a day, but when they add the taxes, fees and insurances, that $22 rent car is now $75. They are lying, thieving, dishonest, crooks! Sadly, these type of shady business practices are commonly accepted in our sick nation today. Americans are notorious liars, cheats and cons. I am not proud to be an America, I am utterly ashamed of my country. I have to fully agree with the Arabs nations that America is, “THE GREAT SATAN!”

Every blockbuster Hollywood movie curses in the God's name. Violence, adultery, stealing, vulgarity, filth and all manner of sin are glorified by Hollywood. Should it come as a surprise that American culture is so violent, immoral and sexually perverse today? Are you kidding me? We have brought this upon ourselves, and WE GET WHAT WE DESERVE AS A PEOPLE!!!

There have been a lot of mass-shootings in the news lately. I saw an African-American mother crying on the news camera in St. Louis, demanding that the government do something, after her little innocent child was murdered in gang crossfire. Kindly, I feel no sympathy for the black community, because they absolutely idolize punk gangsters who produce the most violent, perverse, offensive, vulgar and nasty rap music imaginable, and black youth and adults alike can't get enough of it! Black people have no one to blame BUT THEMSELVES for their degenerate culture of death, rape, drugs and violence! Jesus said they who live by the sword shall die by the sword. They have done this to themselves! As long as our youth idolize thug gangsters and criminals, that is how they WILL behave! Our country is sick! I am not trying to be unkind, I am being honest.

Furthermore, the filthy and vile LGBTQ agenda is just getting started. In the future, Americans will see gangs of sodomite rapists, just like in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah. Social media is continually portraying homosexuals as victims of hostile religious people. Consequently, sodomites are being given special legal status, affirmative action for priority hiring and executive promotions, special business opportunities, I just read that the U.S. Small Business Administration is working to help homosexuals start and run businesses. You won't find any such privileges afforded to Bible-believing Christians. Our own government is taking our taxpayer money and using it to help homosexuals thrive in the business community, while Christians receive no such opportunities. That shows how satanic our government has become, helping the wicked at the expense of the righteous. Thankfully, when this life is over, the wicked won't be so haughty and arrogant, nor empowered, when God casts them into the Lake of Fire for all eternity! I am so ashamed of my country today!

America's beaches are full of naked women, wearing only a string to legally qualify of some type of clothing. It is evil. Most Americans see no harm in public nakedness, which explains why sexual immorality is epidemic across America and the abortions clinics are still thriving. Each year one million human lives are murdered in a Godless abortuaries in the United States! Have they no shame? No, they don't. And sadly, today's churches are more interesting in providing Godertainment for the people. Today's shallow church songs are comprised of mumbling the words, “He is worthy,” 300 times over 22 minutes, while swaying back and forth with your eyes closed and your hands in their air. To say churches today have become weird is an understatement!



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