America's Woeful Lack of Common Sense

By David J. Stewart | September 2009

As the United States goes more and more into sinful living, people are losing their common sense. Everywhere we go we see kids with their lips, nose and eyebrows pierced, pants hanging so low that boys can barely walk, girls with clothes so tight that their circulation is restricted. It's insane! Where are the parents?

Consider America's insane educational system, that has become so complex that most parents are clueless as to how to help their kids with their homework. Math used to be simple and logical, but that's no longer true. Today, kids are confused more than ever and so are the parents. The so-called “experts” are actually dumbing-down America's public school kids. Amish children, who stop schooling at the 8th-grade are far more educated, and posses more commonsense, than most public school kids who complete high-school. While the average American child is glued in front of a TV for 4 hours per day, Amish children are learning to handcraft furniture and bake fresh pastries. And the public school system is the biggest waste of money in American history!

And why do hotdogs still come in packs of 10, while buns come in packs of 8? You'd think that the consumer protection agency would stop that. Even worse, the fine print is clearly unreadable on MANY commercials on TV. The print is so small that even on a 36-inch television screen, while paused, you still can't read a single word of what it says. Yet, that fine print is there to legally defraud the consumer, yes, you. Where is commonsense today?

How about all those wacko drug commercials? They feature a woman smiling on TV, while telling you that this particular medication is known to causes heart problems, diarrhea, constipation, dry mouth, vision loss, loss of appetite. erectile dysfunction, depression, suicide attempts, liver failure and even death. Yet drug companies advertise the drug as if you can't live without it, and people by the millions run to their doctor to get it! The sad thing is, many of the drugs are intended to do nothing more than help you sleep or combat depression. How ironic that a drug intended to combat depression also makes you want to go commit suicide. Oh boy, give me a case of that! It's nuts! Common sense tells us that greedy people will sell us anything to make a buck. They don't die, you do!

I recently went for surgery in Los Angeles, California, at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. It was unbelievable how messed up that place is. Talk about a lack of communication. What a joke for a hospital. They got my charts mixed up with another patient (which I thankfully caught in time). It was one bad thing after another.

They released me from the hospital too soon after my surgery. They stuck me in a taxi, who slammed on the gas pedal and my head lunged back after just having neck surgery. They treated me horrible when I went to their emergency room. They were rude, arrogant and very unprofessional.

I had just received surgery in THEIR hospital by THEIR doctors and was now in THEIR emergency room asking for help and they couldn't get past the, “We want your money first,” part. I was in the presence of a bunch of rude, immature, numskulls working in the emergency room. I had just undergone surgery and they couldn't have cared less. I wouldn't recommend my dog to go there. It's just my opinion.

I saw a sign on the wall that said they take very serious any patient's complaint about being in pain. I figured I was in good hands. Boy, I was wrong! They didn't help me at all. I told the attending nurse that I was in much pain and needed stronger pain medication. It was a Saturday and she said my pain specialist was unavailable for the weekend. I couldn't believe what I was hearing! My doctor puts me back into the hospital because of my acute pain, assigns me to a pain specialist, and then she disappears for the weekend? I was thinking to myself... What kind of hospital is this?

Finally, on Sunday afternoon (after much unnecessary suffering), I said I was going home because they wouldn't do anything to treat my horrible pain. The nurse was belligerent, saying that I would have to sign a statement that I was going directly against my doctors orders if I left the hospital. Isn't that something? ... the nurse can't increase my pain medication without a doctor's permission, yet she can't find my doctor because it's the weekend, and now she won't let me leave the hospital without permission from my doctor (or else risk forfeiting my insurance benefits). So I just laid there suffering in needless pain. That's how Cedars-Sinai treated me.

Eventually, the nurse contacted a different doctor and I was given the ok to leave. I went home to where I was staying in Hollywood. You'd think a hospital would be more organized, but they're weren't. The whole ordeal was ridiculous.

For a hospital located in the ritzy Beverly Hills area, I expected a lot more. What a major disappointment! When they put me out of the hospital, I was still bleeding from where the catheter was removed (and it hurt!) just hours earlier. Yeah, and it bled into the night! They didn't care, they just put me out on the street knowing I had no family, friends or even a caregiver to assist me. Nobody took me serious when I said I wasn't ready to leave. I was dizzy. I had stabbing pain in my chest (which I found out later was acid reflux). I had much pain in my neck, back and shoulder blades. I was tired. They might as well have said, “Get out!”

I went into corrective surgery for myelopathy, radiculopathy and neuro-brachitis. I had wires sticking out of me all over the place. Although the surgery itself seems to have gone fine, the quality of care before and after my surgery was unacceptable.

Any thinking person would help a patient who comes into the emergency room for help, who just got surgery at your hospital and is already in the computer system. At a minimum, all they needed to do was make a simple phone call to my nurse; but instead they chose to be belligerent and give me a hard time. I just don't understand people these days. As it is, I received bills that I wasn't supposed to get after I returned home from surgery. They messed up that too! I'm glad I didn't sign anything in the emergency room or they likely would have stuck me with the bill. I had just undergone surgery and was wearing my hospital ID wrist band, neck-collar and IV bandage on my arm when I went into the emergency room. They didn't have enough common sense to think beyond a stupid form.

This is so common in the screwed-up medical system today, where suffering people are denied medical assistance for hours, days, weeks, months or never receive any at all. It's not uncommon for people to DIE because they cannot afford medical insurance. See Michael Moore's heart-touching video presentation, SICKO! Moore documents a struggling family, whose husband/father is going to die if he doesn't get surgery. The surgery is nearly guaranteed to make him better. Well, the man dies and the video shows his funeral and grave. This is America today! It's all about money.

Tragically, the pharmaceutical companies have become so greedy that Americans pay 10-times more for medications than do people in foreign nations. The elderly are going to Mexico and Canada to buy affordable medications. Land of the free? I don't blame people for wanting national healthcare. Unfortunately, it's a Communist system that will fail in the long-run. We wouldn't need national healthcare if our leaders would stop allowing U.S. Companies to relocate American jobs overseas. Of course people can't afford health insurance, millions of American jobs have been lost due to outsourcing and illegal immigration. So the companies get rich, the politicians get rich; but the little guy gets hammered. Many Americans can't find a job, are losing their homes and certainly cannot afford to pay $2 per pill for medication. In fact, some medications are as high as $50 a pill. This is true of medications required after an organ transplant, so that the body will not reject the new organ.

You'd think in an era of technology which enables men to sent robots to Marrs, that you'd only have to fill out medical paperwork ONCE and then the information would follow you through the process. Nope, to get surgery you'll likely end up filling out over a hundred pages of paperwork! I filled out 10-pages of paperwork to get an MRI. I filled out another 10-pages of paperwork to get an X-ray. I filled out another 10-pages of paperwork to meet with the surgeon prior to my surgery. I filled out another 10-pages of paperwork to get my pre-operation exam. I filled out another 10-pages of paperwork to get a prescription for Methadone from a pain specialist. I filled out another 10-pages of paperwork to get the surgery. Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork ... it's crazy! And all the time you're agonizing in horrible pain, and in my case, in my writing hand. I got upset when I was on like the 7th page of the forms to see a pain specialist and the question asked, “What causes your pain to increase.” I wrote down, “Spending 45-minutes filling out endless paperwork for every doctor, x-ray, MRI, blood test, et cetera.” I told the receptionist that it was ridiculous to expect suffering patients to sit filling out forms for 45-minutes. This is the healthcare system today!

America's healthcare industry is in shambles! It's like the TurboTax program I bought this year that asked me, “Would you like to PRINT the government Paper Reduction Act?” Don't they have any common sense? Why would I want to print the “Paper Reduction Act” if the government wants to save trees by reducing the amount of paper used? What a scam! The U.S. government are the masters of waste. Al Gore, who is probably the most well-known environment activist, is a massive waster of natural resources in real life. Gore's average bill for electricity and natural gas is $2,400 per MONTH!

Going back to Cedars, my pre-op doctor was no better. He showed up and then disappeared, making his money and then leaving. I told him I felt dizzy, had stabbing pains in my chest and also had much neck and shoulder pain after my surgery. He didn't care either. It was like talking to a brick wall. I told the attending nurse that I felt dizzy. He replied, “But you can walk right?” I said, but I am dizzy! Again he replied, “But you can walk right?” I might as well have been talking to myself. That's one place I hope I never see again, because they're a cocky and irresponsible bunch in my opinion (which I am entitled to). The intent of this article is NOT to be unkind in any way. The purpose of my article is to show that common sense is out the window in America today, in so many areas.

I was denied medical assistance at Cedars-Sinai Hospital for over 30-minutes, over a financial agreement that I refused to sign (what they deceitfully call a “consent form”). It's not just a consent form, it obligates you to pay the bill and gives the hospital the power to turn you over to a collection agency and ruin your credit if you don't pay it. Since the insurance company was paying my bill, and I had already signed tons of paperwork to get my surgery, I wasn't about to get stuck with a $1,500 bill. It costs $1,000 just to walk into an emergency room! The big difference in my situation is that I had just undergone surgery at THEIR hospital. Common sense is out the door nowadays, because greed and regulations have hampered everything. I was required to go from doctor-to-doctor before and after my surgery. With each new doctor, or x-ray, or lab work, I had to fill our 10-pages of endless paperwork.

Common sense, do you have it? Most people don't. When I go to the grocery store, I watch people pass by carts left in the parking lot by other customers, and they grab a cart in the store. I figure it doesn't take a whole lot of common sense to grab a cart from the parking lot and bring it back into the store. I always bring a cart in with me, and return my shopping cart to the proper place when I'm done. So many people are inconsiderate and don't care these days. They don't have Jesus Christ as their Savior and are selfish. Commonsense has a lot to do with caring, which is the hallmark of Christianity. This is why I believe so many Americans lack common sense today, because they don't care enough to think.

When I was going through airport security, TSA confiscated my toothpaste and shaving crème (because they were supposedly potential dangers on the plane?). It is so retarded. When they served meals on the plane, they gave all passengers METAL utensils, including a metal knife! Who's kidding who. The government is simply trying to condition the American people to accept a Police State. I hate flying, because they treat passengers like garbage. You might easily end up kept hostage on a plane for 9-hours by the airlines themselves. God forbid if you were one of the victims of the New Orleans Superdome... people checked in, but they didn't check out! That is so wrong.

The U.S. government treated those people worse than animals. Meanwhile, President George W. Bush was strumming guitar elsewhere during the abuse. I'd love to see Bush and his family stuck in that Superdome. That's the problem, our leaders don't care unless it affects them directly. They don't mind sending our son or daughter to die, but not their children. The elite get away with murder, literally. In 1998, workers found 10 bodies (6 children and 4 adults) buried beneath a wall in Benjamin Franklin's former London Home. To no surprise, the government used the New Orleans mishap as an excuse to gain MUCH control over FEMA, just like they used the 911-attacks to pass the unconstitutional Patriot Acts into law. Don't you people see where all this is leading? The government deliberately creates and exploits crisis as a means of grabbing more power.

People with common sense don't believe everything they hear on CNN or FoxNews. The newsmedia lie all the time! FoxNews portrays itself as being a conservative news group, but they are only creating artificial resistance for a good show. FoxNews will never expose the government's leading role in the 911-attacks, nor will they expose the evils of the Federal Reserve Scam, nor will they touch upon the Freemasonic control over America today. These are the core issues.

I could write a book concerning the utter hypocrisy and insanity of many things in America today. Our society lives like there's no God and then freaks out when people do the unthinkable. Americans get what we deserve! I firmly believe that the root cause of the woeful lack of common sense in America today is our nation's abandonment of the Word of God and Biblical Christianity. What often appears to be a lack of common sense is actually rebellion against God. It doesn't surprise me that a society that aborts it's babies would also be mean, unreasonable and cold-hearted. 2nd Thessalonians 3:1-2, “Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may have free course, and be glorified, even as it is with you: And that we may be delivered from unreasonable and wicked men: for all men have not faith.” In a sin-loving society that elevates itself over the Word of God, nothing good can be expected. American's hypocritically sing, “GOD BLESS AMERICA,” while flocking by the millions to “SIN CITY” Las Vegas to fornicate, gamble, go to strip-clubs, commit adultery, and wine and dine themselves amongst heathen entertainment. I pray for God to CURSE AMERICA!


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