WESTCOTT SEZ: As federal, state and local governments spend billions of dollars on drug interdiction programs at our boarders and anti-drug programs in our schools, we have Howard Stern boasting of his drug habits.

We have state governors such as Gov. Whitman of New Jersey and Gov. George Pataki of New York who support Mr. Stern and, thereby, his drug use.

We have United States Senators such as Al D'Amato of New York and Torticelli of New Jersey who support Mr. Stern and, thereby, his drug use.

We also have a government agency, the FCC, that allows Stern to broadcast his drug use to millions of children, everyday!

Is there any wonder that we have a drug problem in this country?

The government takes your taxes to fight drugs and the government allows Stern to broadcast a "drugs are cool" message five days a week.

Is it just me or is there something wrong with that scenario?

It is merely a reflection of our society when the Federal Communications Commission (each Commissioner appointed by Mr. Clinton) allows an asshole like this guy to use our public airwaves to promote illegal drug use to our children

Here's a few of Stern's pro-drug announcements.

Dateline February 11, 1997

This morning, in an interview with members of the rock group 'Aerosmith', Howard Stern
admitted his use of illegal drugs.

Stern: "I fell off the wagon recently."

Stern: "I hadn't done any drugs in a really long time and then I started smoking some weed."

Stern: "Well I'll tell ya', what happened with me is, uh, you know,
I figured, well it's been like 20 years since I smoked weed
and weed was not very powerful back then.
I remember you could smoke bales of it and ...
(interrupted by sidekick, Robin Quivers)

Robin Quivers (laughing): What are you doing telling them it's better now for, what are you trying to do?"

Stern (excitedly): "Better? It's out of control!" "I took a few hits on this thing and I was like, I was like,
it was like doing acid again. I was like hallucinating, it's so strong. I don't know what they put in this stuff.
They say they grow it . . . Jackie what do they do . . .
they grow it with what?"

Jackie Martling: "Hydroponics."

Stern: "Hydroponics! I got to get into this."

What is Going on Here?

CBS Radio President, Mel Karmazin should remove this garbage from the airwaves.

Every member of the media should be calling for this anti-American, God-hating, reprobate to be blackballed from radio!

By CBS's own admission, Mr. Stern's program reaches more than
18 million listeners a day.

Given such huge numbers of listeners, it is not unreasonable to believe that there are
impressionable youngsters in Stern's audience.

If only one percent of Stern's audience is under the age of 17, that's 180,000 impressionable young people
who may be influenced by Stern's glorification of the use of illegal drugs.

Every study done on drug addiction cites marijuana as the
initial drug of experimentation and the 'gateway' drug to heroin and cocaine.

By broadcasting Mr. Stern's glorification of drugs,
CBS has acted irresponsibly and has done more to promote drug use by our children than any Columbian cartel.

Does Howard Stern's radio program influence people?
You bet he does!

Well, if not, then why do companies like
Toyota, Warner Lambert and Heineken
spend their money to advertise on Stern's program?

The answer is, yes! Stern does influence people.

It is not an arguable point that youngsters are influenced by the actions
of celebrities like Howard Stern.

It is also not an arguable point that
Mr. Stern has glorified the use of illegal drugs.

Just eight days after admitting his use of marijuana, Stern says:

"Is heroin a great drug or what?"


Stern and his friends
doing drugs at a pool party.

March 12, 1997
Comments From Stern Employee, 'Sutterin' John':
"First of all, Jackie (Jackie 'The Jokeman' Martling) was also smoking."

"My friends had $40 worth of stuff"

"I was smoking pot my friends weren't"

"Do you want me to call him and say it was me smoking?"

"I'm a schmuck and I shouldn't have smoked weed by the pool."

More Drug Admissions by Howard Stern
SJ: 'Stutterin' John'
HS: Howard Stern

SJ: "Hey Howard, did you talk about what scene (Private Parts movie)
you were stoned in?"

HS: "Not yet."

SJ: "Can I take my guess? Was it the scene with Carol Ault?"

HS (in a kidding tone): "I was so bored in my trailer that I had a couple of cocktails."

SJ: "Oh, so you didn't smoke?"

HS: "Well (long pause), you figure it out. So, I'm just saying that I was high."

Stern Recommends:
Being Drunk or On Drugs
When Watching
'Private Parts'

Stern says:

"Watch it while you are stoned, watch it while you are drunk, watch it
while you are on 'Ludes."
(Even though the movie is 'R' rated, Stern also told kids to skip school and go see it.)

Howard Stern admits his drug use, tells his listeners to use drugs,
and tells our children to skip school to go see his movie!

We spend billions of dollars a year telling our children to "Just Say No" to drugs
and to keep them in school.

The Federal Communications Commission continues to allow Stern's pro-drug
message to be broadcast directly o children.

Why does the FCC do that?


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