America's Days Are Numbered

By David J. Stewart

       America's love for sin has brought our nation to ruin. The average American is not only woefully ignorant, but resolutely supports the Communist agendas of Barack Obama and the New World Order. Tragically, most people don't care. Americans know the TV Guide better than they do their Bill of Rights.

The banking powers that be have deliberately flushed America's economy down the toilet, forcing Americans into a dire depression, to where Americans are willing to sell their souls to see better days. Hence, Americans are begging for nationalized healthcare, which we wouldn't need if our leaders would bring back the tens-of-millions of jobs they've allowed to leave America. No jobs means no income, which means no one can afford healthcare. It's really not that hard to figure out.

The government has placed so many regulations upon U.S. corporations that they don't want to do business in America anymore. In addition, the benefits of foreign slave labor costs are much too tempting to pass up. And if that's not bad enough, spoiled Americans have gone on strike one time too many, demanding more and more from their employers. Americans have ruined it for themselves and their neighbors as well.

Sadly, our leaders have sold us out more than anyone. Instead of doing what they were elected to do, looking out for the best interests of the American public, congress and the powers that be have pampered themselves and become corporate whores, selling Americans down the river without a paddle. We're now going over an economic waterfall. The dollar is dying. Our economy is in ruins. Our manufacturing jobs are mostly gone. The Bubble has finally burst and reality is setting in. Tens-of-millions of Americans have lost their jobs, homes, retirements, pensions and everything else with it as well.

The federal government has been borrowing, lying and deceiving the American public for decades. Social Security is bankrupt. There is no reserve to back our money. There is no authentic War On Terror. The 911 attacks were a hoax. These are the “lying wonders” foretold in 2nd Thessalonians 2:9, by which the Antichrist will deceive the world and conquer the nations. Certainly, the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ is near and the revealing of the Antichrist imminent.

America's days of freedom and economic bliss are numbered. The welfare system will eventually fail and benefits will be denied for all sorts of minor reasons. Although the federal government is giving away the farm today, the government will not always be so generous and the streets of America will be filled with the poverty stricken. Uncle Sam is fattening the calf for the day of slaughter!!! Only the extremely rich will own homes and the middle-class will be virtually wiped out. This is always the route of Communism. Government tyranny will increase and America will become a brutal Police State of cruel and unwarranted abuse. U.S. citizens will be mercilessly beaten, tortured and many killed. Foreign mercenaries will march through America's streets and shoot aggressive patriots, Christians and Constitutionalists on site.

Children will be owned by the State. Parents will be mere caregivers, scrutinized heavily by the authorities. Even a single complaint by a neighbor will result in a legal nightmare, loss of child custody and evil tyranny by Police State thugs, judges and lawyers. This is already happening in the U.S. today. America is no longer the Land of the Free, which 25% of the world's prison inmates are locked up. Texas alone incarcerates more prisoners than the nations of France or England. Private militias are already at work in America, such as the American Police Force, training to kick down doors and disarm American citizens. All guns will be banned and confiscated, except for Police State personnel.

Yes, America's days are numbered. ObamaCare wants to put Planned Parenthood clinics in every public school for the children. Obama wants to expand homosexual rights to get married and adopt children. In fact, Obama's Administration wants to force insurance companies to pay for sex-change operations for transgendered Americans who think God made a mistake. Where will this insanity end? Americans have named one of their biggest cities, Las Vegas... SIN CITY! God is angry with the United States, because we have united against God.

While praising the death of heathen entertainers, freaks and people who have contributed virtually nothing to society throughout their lives; millions of children continue to starve to death annually throughout the world. Children in Haiti are eating mud cookies to survive. People in India eat rats and insects to survive. Most of the world's population survive on less than $2 per day; while obese Americans can hardly get their fat butts behind the steering wheel of their car. Americans throw away 14% of all their food. We are a nation of gluttons, whose god is their belly.

America's idols are perverts, whores, gigolos and homosexuals. Every god is worshipped and tolerated nowadays except the God of the Bible. People hate the Bible, so consequently they've corrupted it, changed it, deleted it, perverted it, twisted it, denied it and spit on it. No wonder America has already gone to hell in a wheelbarrow. Teens in Brattleboro, Vermont, are walking around naked legally. Haulover Beach is a nude beach in Miami, Florida, which allows children to view people walking around butt naked. This is America today. Truly, truth is stranger than fiction.

Why should God bless a nation that legalizes gambling, abortion, homosexuality, nudity, drunkenness, pornography, prostitution, fornication, euthanasia, forced sterilizations, religious con artists, pharmaceutical scams, deceitful advertising, teaching public school children witchcraft, lying to children with Evolution, et cetera. God is not blessing America any more, which is why everything is falling apart in this country. Spiritually, economically, socially, educationally, politically and in every other way, America is falling apart.

We are a house divided. Americans are stuck in a left/right paradigm, refusing to think for themselves. As long as Americans foolishly continue to follow the Republican and Democratic bandwagon, the public will be slaves to the power elite. The New World Order is upon us, it's just a matter of how much we'll allow them to enslave us, before they bring down the iron fist and smash us. America has never needed a one-child policy as in Communist China, because American women have voluntarily murdered their own babies by abortion, thinking that they're exercising their feminist rights. What a scam!

So many American women are proud of themselves for getting an abortion, for being a feminist and letting the world know that they have their rights. You have simply murdered your child, while the rich and powerful elite NEVER get abortions. You killed your own baby so they wouldn't have to. Chinese women aren't so gullible, and so they are forced into submission by a ruthless, Godless, Communist and tyrant regime.

Yes, America's days are numbered.

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