The Sin Of Being Lukewarm

By David J. Stewart | May 2015 | Updated November 2015

Revelation 3:14-17, “And unto the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write; These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God; I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth. Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked.”

       Most of the world's churches today are LUKEWARM. That is, most professed Christians won't stand for anything, lest they endure persecution for the Lord's sake (2nd Timothy 3:12). True Christianity is about the new birth by faith alone in the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, having Bible-based moral standards, holding Biblical convictions, forgiving and loving others, giving people second chances, and living to please the precious Lord Jesus Christ.

It's a shame that today's Christian young people are more interested in jet-skiing, paintball guns, ukuleles and sports than they are in the preaching of God's Word. Youth need to be taught and encouraged to serve the Lord. Such an excellent appetite must be cultivated in our youth by proper nurturing, teaching, preaching and challenging young people to stand for God. Now there's nothing wrong with the secular activities that I mentioned, but teens NEED spiritual training (which they're not getting nowadays). AWANA for teens in the churches isn't going to turn out preachers, missionaries and to corrupt them with neoevangelicalism.

Today's religious teens are miserable, because churches are all about show-n-tell and entertainment, instead of fighting the good fight of faith in a spiritual war for God. Instead of graduating from Christian highschool with a desire to serve God full-time, today's youth want to become full-time bally dancers. I'm not kidding! What are we teaching our kids today in the churches? There is a woeful lack of a fighting spirit in preachers today. Teens want to be a part of something exciting and growing; not a lifeless, dry, dead church.

I immediately felt a heart's connection with Pastor Roy Thompson of the Cleveland Baptist Church in Cleveland, Ohio, when upon visiting the church for the first time decades ago, I saw the words bold and clear for all cars driving by to see, which read: “ABORTION IS COLD-BLOODED MURDER!!!” That's my kind of fighting pastor brother, filled with the Holy Spirit, walking close with God, hating sin and unconditionally loving the sinner!

Revelation 3:15-17, “I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth. Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked.” Jesus said, thou “KNOWEST NOT.” This church today is woefully ignorant that they've being deceived by Satan, sold a false plan of salvation which requires ceasing from sinful behavior (human effort) to have it. Many churches are spiritually miserable, naked and blind today, but they foolishly think God is blessing them in their worldly success. They sadly won't receive THE TRUTH, because Satan has given them a substitute, misleading them to errantly think they have the truth!!!

The term LUKEWARM is not hard to understand for a believer who spends quality time walking with God in His holy Word. The Lord became angry when religious conmen turned God's house into a den of thieves. What do you think Ken Ham is doing by erecting a mock Noah's Ark for $120,000,000 in Kentucky? The Ark Encounter is being built by private investors who anticipate lots of private profits ($4 billion over 10-years). I heard one Kentucky politician brag about finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow over Noah's Ark. I don't think God is laughing or amazed. In fact, I know He's not. What mockery in a nation that murders it's children by abortion, indoctrinates its children with the Luciferian ideologies of Evolution, strips naked at the beaches, loves drunkenness, glorifies all manner of wickedness in it's movies and music, lives for materialism, people are as dishonest as can be, et cetera. When Christianity came to the United States, it became a business!

Where Are The 7,000?

In Elijah's day, he thought he was alone, but God told the prophet that there were 7,000 other men who hadn't bowed their knee to Baal. 1st Kings 19:18, “Yet I have left me seven thousand in Israel, all the knees which have not bowed unto Baal, and every mouth which hath not kissed him.” I'm tired of hearing preachers criticize Elijah for despairing while under the juniper tree. 1st Kings 19:4, “But he himself went a day's journey into the wilderness, and came and sat down under a juniper tree: and he requested for himself that he might die; and said, It is enough; now, O LORD, take away my life; for I am not better than my fathers.” Elijah was depressed and wanted to die. I've been there! And I'm sure you have too, but if not, YOU WILL BE!!! Elijah was God's man, but he was discouraged. I'm tired of preachers criticizing Elijah. Why don't they criticize the 7,000 who remained silent, staying in hiding, dropping the ball for God?

Maybe you cannot be an Elijah friend, but you can encourage the Elijahs of our generation. I regularly pray for preachers who uncompromisingly stand, because we desperately need them! We need men of God, who walk with God, who stand for God!!! I pray for God to help them escape immoral temptations, because sin lurks around every corner. Don't ever assume that any man of God is safe, beyond falling into pride, or going into awful sin. Behind every pulpit is a man! We are all sinners by nature and by choice. Preachers need encouragement. I may not be a great preacher, but I can promote the sermons of great preachers! I can promote the ministries of faithful men of God. I can let the world know whose side I'm on. And by God's grace I plan to continue to do so.

I want the world to hear the inspiring, life-changing, awesome, preaching of godly men like Dr. Jack Hyles. Satan always goes after the best! Don't let the Devil's crowd rob you of the blessing of real Biblical preaching, because they discredit God's best men with slander and lies. Satan knows that if he can convince you that a preacher is less than he appears, then you'll discard 55-years of sound Biblical preaching. Don't be the Devil's fool!!! I have news for you, there hasn't been one preacher in history who wasn't an awful sinner. Only Jesus Christ was sinless and above sinning. Your preacher, I don't care who he is, is a big sinner. If you ever learn of his sins, please don't throw away everything helpful that he has taught you, because that's what the Devil wants.

Keep your eyes on Jesus, not any preacher. If your preacher goes into sin, the things that he taught you about Jesus is still true and sound. All across America preachers are falling, and the godly man ceaseth. We ought to love them, even though they may never lead in any church capacity again, and restore them to spiritual health in the spirit of meekness. We should all say to our self, “But by the grace of God, there go I.” The Devil is an accuser, and that's what his wicked children do. As Christians, we should forgive, love, give second chances, and choose to overlook the past sins of OTHERS, not force them to live a life's sentence. We all make mistakes, sometimes horrible ones, and commit awful sins, which is a part of our untamable human sin-nature. The only escape is the new-birth in the Lord Jesus Christ, so that Jesus can live the Christian life through us (Galatians 2:20).

There are millions of believers across America today, but they are not standing or doing anything for God. If they did nothing more than stand with God's men, with the Elijah's of our day who are fighting the good fight of faith, it would make all the difference in the world. Can you imagine what would have happened if those 7,000 believers had stood with Elijah? The prophet wouldn't have fled for his life from Jezebel, I can assure you. Instead of feeling sorry for all the preachers who are falling from grace, going into sin and giving Christianity a black-eye; why don't you AT LEAST let everybody know whose side you're on, by siding with an Elijah. There are fundamental preachers all across America, not just Baptists, who need encouragement and help. Believe me, because as a fundamental Baptist preacher myself I know, a little bit of encouragement goes a long way!!!

I encourage you my friend to find the Elijah's in your life, or move to where they live, and do all you can to help them get the job done for God. We need Bus Ministries all across America. We need bus drivers, bus captains, bus mechanics, and someone to pay for it all. The Bus Ministry is a liability, and one well worth investing in to reach kids for Jesus!!! A Bus Ministry gives excitement to any church, in so many ways. Kids are great and they need a refuge from the Satanic public school brainwashing system that indoctrinates them with the cruel hoax of Evolution, and the teachers don't genuinely care about the kids, and the Holy Bible is legally banned from being read by teachers to the class. Hell will be hot for the evil people who have done this woeful wickedness!!! WHAT HAVE WE DONE AMERICA?

God is Disgusted With Lukewarm Christians

The old-time religion is not dead. The neo-evangelicals are dead! The liberals are dead. Today we have umpteen divisions in our church camps. For example: I just read today about something called “Conservative Evangelicals.” They're neo-evangelicals who still want to appear as being Fundamentalist. These are the apostates who say they like the King James Bible “BEST,” but won't criticize the hundreds of Satanic modern counterfeit Bible versions. They are LUKEWARM! Evangelicals epitomize the meaning of LUKEWARM. Fundamentalists won't tolerate the heresy of Lordship Salvation, but neo-evangelicals with their Lordship Salvation heresy will tolerate the “easy-believism” of Fundamentalists. Error always seek to unite with truth, to use it as a crutch to survive, because error cannot stand alone; but truth has no need for error, because it stands fine alone.

Everything is backwards; everything is upside down—Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information, religions destroy divine truth, and Bible publishers destroy God's Word.

It is tragic how many pastors and churches have been hobnobbing with the unholy apostate Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). SBC members are neo-evangelicals!!! After decades of using the Satanic New International Version (NIV) of the Bible, now the SBC has their own proprietary Holman Christians Standard Bible (HCSB), which is the same ole Westcott and Hort demonic garbage. There's not a dime's difference between the two versions, they're all straight out of the pits of Hell. SBC men compromise 37% of the Freemasonry membership in the United States. It is evil. Masonry is of the Devil, whose admitted god is Lucifer! Female preachers have risen to leadership ranks in the SBC, along with supporting Catholic mysticism, Charismaticism, dropping their 8-year-long-ban against Walt Disney's Gay Day, liberal theology, support for Evolution, ecumenism, and worldly music to name but a few problems within the Southern Baptist Convention. SBC equals LUKEWARM!!!

We are at spiritual war today, and most churches are AWOL (Absent Without Leave) from the battle. I was labeled by one apostate Independent Baptist senior pastor not too long ago as being “Old School,” when I mentioned to him that I heard in a sermon that women ought not wear pants. Although he was wrong to remark as he did, I took it as a compliment in this wayward generation of preachers. I thank God that I'm OLD SCHOOL, Yes Sir!, rather than be a part of this NEW SCHOOL generation that stands for nothing, tolerates immoral low standards, and foolishly supports the Devil's New World Order in ignorance because they don't seek the truth. Churches who support apostate Israel and the cult of Zionism are helping the New World Order. The only thing we should be doing now is loving the Jews by preaching the Gospel to them, to get them saved. END

“Nobody can love God who doesn't love sinners!”
(a quote by Dr. Jack Hyles classic MP3 sermon, “The Happiest Man” (happiest is the man who will not impute sin to others!) | Recent Articles

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